Game Questions

Q         How do I schedule a makeup game?

A         Home team coach/manager obtains from their club’s field coordinator two (2) reasonable times & dates, one of which must be a Saturday. Then the opposing team is contacted, and offered the two time slots; when agreed upon, the home team fills out the “makeup format” (found under “forms” online at www.wyslsoccer.org) and e-mails it to the League office at least four (4) days before game (to ensure referee coverage).

Q         What if Home Team fails to supply 2 reasonable dates?

A         The Away Team also has the responsibility of contacting the Home team to hasten the process – they should not just wait passively for the Home team to call. If, however, after initial contact is made and home team fails to provide two dates, or the away team fails to accept one of the two dates (one date must be a Saturday), an e-mail should be sent to the League office to establish a history of complaint. 

Q         Is there a deadline for scheduling makeup games?

A.        TBS (To Be Scheduled) games given to teams in divisions with an odd number of teams at beginning of season must schedule within 3 weeks of season’s start and must play the game before the season ends; all other league sanctioned postponed games must be scheduled by 3 weeks of the postponement date and played before season ends.

Q         How do you know if a makeup game is covered?

A         Do not call or e-mail the League office. This falls under the jurisdiction of the Referee Assignor and the office is not involved. Go to www.wsroref.com and check – if a game is listed there, it is uncovered. The status of an uncovered game can change rapidly. A makeup game can be listed on Friday but be covered by Saturday, so keep checking the list up until game time.

Team Questions

Q         What teams can have more than 18 rostered players?

A         If a team wants to play in the Open Cup of State Cup, they can only roster 18, with the exception of teams aged U16-U19. They may roster 22, but only suit up 18.   

If a team does not want to play in the Open Cup of State Cup, any team U12 and older may have 22, except teams U12-U14, if they are in Divisions 1 or 2 of their age group.  They may be eligible for Challenge Cup if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Q         How does a team prepare a Permission to Travel for a tournament?

A         It is done online and does not require league approval. Go to

www.enysoccer.com, click on permission to travel, and follow the prompts. 

Q         Does a high school-aged team (who are only playing in the
spring for our club this year) need to register with the league prior to the January 5th state cup deadline in order to be eligible for the 2007 State Cup?

A         No. But they must be registered with WYSL before their State Cup roster can be approved by the league. 

Q         Does a team have to register with WYSL if they don’t intend to play in the WYSL league but want to play in other leagues (i.e. Region I, Premier, MAPS, only tournaments)?

A         Yes. If a team does not intend to play in WYSL, they must register and pay the one-season rate (for one-season outside play) for that age group in order to obtain updated player passes and rosters and to be covered by insurance. 

Q         How does a team forfeit get reported?

A         The Club score reporter enters the score of 1-0 and on the pulldown menu clicks on “Forfeit” – then e-mails the league office with the date, time, field, and teams (and which team forfeited) of the game involved.  

Q         Why are there no visible standings for U-9 and U-10 year old teams and do the division winners receive trophies?

A         USSF (national organization WYSL is a part of) has mandated that U-9’s and U-10’s should be non-competitive; therefore, no standings should be displayed and no divisional winners announced or trophies given. The League keeps records of the standings in order to seed teams properly for the following season.

Player Questions

Q         What does a player require when coming from another State or outside of Eastern New York to our league?

A         They must turn in their pass to their old league and acquire a Permission to Play out of State form (different states have different forms), approved by their former league and approved by ENYYSA, (available on enysoccer.com under “forms”).  This applies to any out of state guest player releases as well. If they are transferring during the soccer year, then a transfer form is also required.

Q         What is the procedure when a player gets injured at a practice or a game?                                                                            

A.        If at any time a player is seriously injured, regardless of intended use of the secondary insurance, an Advance Notification of Injury Form (available online at www.wyslsoccer.org under “Forms”) should be filled out and sent to league office, who stamps and forwards to the State. The State then sends an Insurance Claims Form to the parents of the injured player to fill out and return.    

Q         Who is eligible for a tournament pass and what is required? 

A         Tournament player passes are for unregistered players who want to play with a registered team. They must provide a birth certificate, written registration form, picture, and $25. They do not register online since they are not to be on a roster.

If a player is already registered to a team and wants to play in a tournament with another registered team, they must fax to League office (914 235-5110) a guest player release/practice form, filled out completely and signed by both coaches (coach of record and borrowing coach.)

Q         What’s the procedure for deleting a player?     

A         The League no longer requires a special form – just notify your club registrar and return the player pass. The club register will delete the player online and re-submit the team to the league electronically to ensure an updated roster.

Q         What do I do if a player/coach in my club gets a red card?

A         The team coach/manager or registrar calls the league office and inquires when the card will be released (dependent on how many games suspended) and makes arrangements to pick it up. Issuance of a red card results in a minimum of a one-game suspension (and sometimes more than one game, depending on offense.) In addition, coaches who are red carded must pay a $100 fine to receive their pass back.

Q         Do we need to get a new pass for a player who changes teams? 

A         Yes. Any time a player changes teams, whether it’s inside or outside of his club, they need a new pass (and new picture). A player pass has the team name on it, so if the team name changes, a new pass must be created.

Q         What are the rules regarding transfers, both inside and outside the club?  

A         During the season:

If a player wants to transfer to another within his club, it is still a transfer and the registrar must delete the player online and bring to the office a new picture, completed transfer form, and old pass. There will be no waiting time or fee levied.

If a player wants to transfer to another club within WYSL, then the old club registrar must delete that player and the registrar of the new club must supply to the league a completed transfer form, the old player pass, a new picture, and $50 (paid by receiving club.) That player must then wait 30 days before playing with the new team.

            Out of season:

            If a player is registered and transfers between seasons to another club or league, a $50 fee is imposed but the 30 day waiting period is waived.

Note: If a team plays in the fall and then folds over the winter, and a player from that team wants to play on another team, they are considered a transfer even though that original team is no more.           

Q         How many passes may a player or coach have?  

A         A player or coach is allowed only one pass. For example, whenever a player gets a new pass, their old pass must be turned in. If it is in the club’s retired player’s drawer, it must be found by club registrar and handed to League Registrar. If a coach receives a temporary pass, then takes the required courses, he must turn in his temporary pass (along with new pic/sig), before he receives his valid pass.

Coach Questions

Q         What should a coach do who coaches two teams in the league?

A         A coach may only have one pass. If a coach coaches two teams in the same club, they must choose which team name they want to appear on the pass. The referee will allow any club coach to coach any team in his club, as long as the club name appears on the pass (team name is irrelevant.) 

If a coach coaches two teams in two different clubs, then his pass must be turned in and a new pass will be created naming both clubs on that pass.  

Q         Can a coach ever use a Temporary pass in the spring season? 

A         No. Temporary passes are allowed in the fall season because the WYSL required 8-hr coaching certification course is offered only in the winter months, (January, February, March) when the coach is then expected to attend and receive his valid pass for the spring. The 2-hour free orientation course is offered both in the fall and over the winter, but are both are required in order to obtain a valid pass. 

Q         How many coaches are allowed on a roster?

A         The answer is four(4). There are four slots on a roster to be filled. A roster could have one head, two assistants, and one manager; one head coach, three assistants, etc. But there must be one head coach assigned. 


Any comments or suggestions for future questions, please e-mail Lee D’Argenio at ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org.