Game Questions

Q         How do I schedule a makeup game?

A         Home team coach/manager obtains from their club’s field coordinator two (2) reasonable times & dates, one of which must be a Saturday. Then the opposing team is contacted, and offered the two time slots; when agreed upon, the home team fills out the “makeup format” (found under “forms” online at www.wyslsoccer.org) and e-mails it to the League office at least four (4) days before game (to ensure referee coverage).

Q         What if Home Team fails to supply 2 reasonable dates?

A         The Away Team also has the responsibility of contacting the Home team to hasten the process – they should not just wait passively for the Home team to call. If, however, after initial contact is made and home team fails to provide two dates, or the away team fails to accept one of the two dates (one date must be a Saturday), an e-mail should be sent to the League office to establish a history of complaint. 

Q         Is there a deadline for scheduling makeup games?

A.        TBS (To Be Scheduled) games given to teams in divisions with an odd number of teams at beginning of season must schedule within 3 weeks of season’s start and must play the game before the season ends; all other league sanctioned postponed games must be scheduled by 3 weeks of the postponement date and played before season ends.

Q         How do you know if a makeup game is covered?

A         Do not call or e-mail the League office. This falls under the jurisdiction of the Referee Assignor and the office is not involved. Go to www.wsroref.com and check – if a game is listed there, it is uncovered. The status of an uncovered game can change rapidly. A makeup game can be listed on Friday but be covered by Saturday, so keep checking the list up until game time.

Coach Questions

Q         What should a coach do who coaches two teams in the league?

A         A coach may only have one pass. If a coach coaches two teams in the same club, they must choose which team name they want to appear on the pass. The referee will allow any club coach to coach any team in his club, as long as the club name appears on the pass (team name is irrelevant.) 

If a coach coaches two teams in two different clubs, then his pass must be turned in and a new pass will be created naming both clubs on that pass.  

Q         Can a coach ever use a Temporary pass in the spring season? 

A         No. Temporary passes are allowed in the fall season because the WYSL required 8-hr coaching certification course is offered only in the winter months, (January, February, March) when the coach is then expected to attend and receive his valid pass for the spring. The 2-hour free orientation course is offered both in the fall and over the winter, but are both are required in order to obtain a valid pass. 

Q         How many coaches are allowed on a roster?

A         The answer is four(4). There are four slots on a roster to be filled. A roster could have one head, two assistants, and one manager; one head coach, three assistants, etc. But there must be one head coach assigned. 


Any comments or suggestions for future questions, please e-mail Lee D’Argenio at ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org.