MAPS Westchester Premier League


Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) and MSSL are pleased to introduce MAPS WPL, a multi-state bracket of competition for players U8 and older. MAPS WPL Flights will support fully integrated league offerings that provide wider age and geographic footprints for emerging premier-level teams. The program permits the versatility of dual-carding participants and begins Fall 2013. 

 Participants can expect:

  • Highly competitive games among appropriately matched teams
  • Policies designed to support the US Soccer Federation’s “Best Practices” guidelines
  • Sensible travel within a compact regional area
  • Simplified scheduling that incorporates league play and cup play into a developmentally-friendly format
  • Rostering options that allow clubs greater flexibility over the course of a seasonal year
  • Proven history of two very successful and respected leagues combining to offer even stronger programming
  • Flexibility to participate in program offerings from both ENYYSA and US Club Soccer


·     For more information, contact Lee D'Argenio at ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org or at 914-235-5110


Questions can also be posted to the WYSL Facebook page

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Maps WPL Registration Information

Date:    June 13, 2013

To:       All Registrars

Re:       Fall 2013 Registration – Due July 5, 2013


Welcome to the new MSSL/MAPS WPL League.  The Westchester Premier League will be fielding Girls and Boys teams U8-U19 for the 2013-2014 soccer year.  WPL will be a State Cup qualifying league, with a minimum of six games.  Teams will be able to be dual carded with both USYSA and US Club passes.


BOYS & GIRLS:  Age Brackets and cut-off dates for 2013-2014:

U19:        11 V 11      U19       (Born 8/1/94 to 7/31/95)

U18:        11 V 11      U18        (Born 8/1/95 to 7/31/96)

U17:        11 V 11      U17        (Born 8/1/96 to 7/31/97)

U16:        11 V 11        U16      (Born 8/1/97 to 7/31/98)

U15:        11 V 11        U15      (Born 8/1/98 to 7/31/99)

U14:        11 V 11        U14      (Born 8/1/99 to 7/31/00)

U13:        11 V 11       U13       (Born 8/1/00 to 7/31/01)

U12:        11 V 11       U12       (Born 8/1/01 to 7/31/02)

U11:          9 V 9         U11       (Born 8/1/02 to 7/31/03)    

U10:          8 V 8         U10       (Born 8/1/03 to 7/31/04)    

U9:            8 V 8         U09       (Born 8/1/04 to 7/31/05)    

U8:             8 V 8          U08     (Born 8/1/05 to 7/31/06)

U8:             6 V 6          U08     (Born 8/1/05 to 7/31/06)



U8   – U12: $475     (for dual carding teams this fee does not include your US Club team fees)

U13 – U19:  $575    (for dual carding teams this fee does not include your US Club team fees)

Make checks payable to WYSL


NO TEAM FEES Guest Teams from neighboring ENYYSA Leagues: 

There is NO registration fee for Guest Teams form other ENYYSA leagues

Please fill out the online application form and our seeding form for each team on www.wyslsoccer.org, (see below) and provide any current League standings, Got Soccer points, and tournament information in the Comment section. Register as normal through your club registrar to acquire USYSA passes.


The following are registration requirements for the WPL League:

WYSL League teams:  Fill out the online application form and register as normal through your club registrar.  Teams coming from WYSL clubs must follow all the normal registration procedures through their club registrar (payment, seedings, etc).


Teams unaffiliated with a ENYYSA League:  Fill out the online application form.  Contact Lee D’Argenio (ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org) who will send you the link to have your players and coaches register online and upload photos. Do an online seeding form as a “new team” (see below.)


Risk Management:  All coaches and managers, must register online with Risk Management, a background check, by going to www.wyslsoccer.org, click on “Risk Management” on left-hand side of home page, and follow prompts.  Risk management registration is good for two years.  The Risk Management background check will cost $10 per coach, payable by credit card online.



Fall 2013 WYSL seeding form can be filled out online starting Friday, June 21st and must be completed by all teams by June 25th. Go to www.wyslsoccer.org, Registration & Procedures/Forms; click on Seeding form at top, then click “New Team” or “Returning Team.”



EDP Core Clubs Joining MSSL/MAPS WPL League




June 5, 2013 - We are proud to announce that Eastern Development Core Clubs have agreed to have their teams participate in the newly formed MSSL/MAPS WPL League for this upcoming season, the Fall of 2013.


The EDP Core Clubs that will be adding teams to the MAPS New York Divisions are:

·      Downtown United Soccer Club

·      Manhattan Soccer Club

·      New York Soccer Club

·      Smithtown Kickers

·      World Class Football Club


Clubs that have a team in the EDP First or Second Division will be adding their qualified teams in the respective age groups to the top end of the MAPS Division.


We are looking to add New York based clubs that would like to join these top regional clubs.  New York MAPS is looking for a club wide commitment from organizations that have a “Player Progression First” mentality.  We are also taking applications from individual teams that wish to play at the highest level of MAPS in New York.


If your club or team is interested in joining the MSSL/MAPS WPL League, please contact our administrators at

·      MAPSNY@mssl.org, or give us a call at (732) 432-7200.

·      CJSL information and application

·      WYSL info and application, or call Joe Foti at (914)522-4148


We look forward to some great competition this upcoming season!



Cosmopolitan Youth Soccer League (CJSL) has joined the recently announced partnership of the Mid-Atlantic Soccer Showcase League (MSSL) and Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL). This broadens “MSSL/MAPS WPL” partnership that will be the most comprehensive offering of regional skilled based brackets that are designed to offer competitive games throughout the season. CJSL and WYSL recreational and travel teams will now have the opportunity to aspire and play in an expanding MSSL/MAPS player progression system already including the best New York teams playing in EDP Flights.  The programs will provide participants the option to select participation in U.S Youth/ENYYSA (e.g., State Cup) or US Club Programs (e.g., NY State Cup, National Premier League - NPL).   The CJSL and WYSL programs provide the NY-E state cup qualification games for teams that want to play in USYS national championship play.   Our overall goal is to provide highly competitive games each week, policies designed to support the US Soccer Federation’s “Best Practices” guidelines and sensible travel within a compact regional area.   The program permits the versatility of dual-carding participants and will begin for the Fall 2013 season for U11 - U14 age groups and Spring 2013 for U15 - U19 (late fall/winter season available upon request) age groups

“It’s really an opportunity for the teams in the CJSL to play at a high level of competition each week,” according to CJSL president, Burt Wilkes.  

MSSL provides a “turnkey” offering so that clubs can focus on their players and rely on an administration model that brings the best of US Club and US Youth Soccer programs.  Qualified teams can participate in whichever NY state cup that they prefer as well at the National Premier League.  Our league provides player recognition opportunities, guaranteed access to some of the best tournaments in Nation,  a path to college play, coaching education and host of other player development programs.   The new program offers a player progression for teams to progress WYSL and CJSL league flights to Maps flights (flights 4-6) to MAPS Elite to EDP flight 1 or 2.   This new system allows WYSL and CJSL coaches to concentrate on the development of their players by giving them access to every level of play necessary.  Teams will play regional games in MSSL and local matches, including NY State Cup qualifiers with their own local league.

MSSL Director of Operations Jen Marcella says, “"I am extremely excited to be part of the Cosmopolitan Youth Soccer League.  The league allow for some of the most elite clubs in the area to have all of their teams playing in one league and offering the best competition for each team and their respective level."

MSSL, including its MAPS flights, prides itself on the structure of its regional competition and provides a Player Progression System, which focuses on player development.  Current MSSL members include top New York Clubs like Downtown United Soccer Club, Manhattan Soccer Club, New York Soccer Club, Smithtown and World Class as well as Tri-State Clubs like Beachside, FSA, PDA, NJSA '04 as well as other top clubs like Baltimore Bays and Penn Fusion.  The combination of the two highly successful programs offers a stronger platform to serve the local teams with high quality league play, accessible Cup play and sensible travel opportunities.