WYSL alumni Sam Borden authors "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Soccer Basics"

Sam Borden, who grew up playing soccer in the WYSL with the Larchmont and FC Westchester clubs, is now one of our referees and our first (that we are aware of) author of a soccer book.  His book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Soccer Basics" is a funny and informative book for coaches and parents of 6-12 year old soccer players.   This book can be ordered by teams and clubs with attractive quantity discounts for orders of 25 or more books.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Soccer Basics
By Sam Borden
The book includes information on:
  • The fundamentals: trapping, dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, goalkeeping
  • Drills coaches can run and players can use to improve their skills
  • The basics of the game explained so simply even clueless parents will understand
  • Simple strategies that kids will comprehend and execute
  • The best ways for moms and dads to approach coaches (no more freak-outs!)
This book is designed to help coaches AND parents. So even if you’re an experienced coach, having a copy for the family of each player on your team will make YOUR life easier.
  • The book explains and promotes good habits for players: Getting enough rest, eating a healthy pregame meal, showing up early and knowing the value of stretching.
  • The book lays out the intricacies of soccer’s positions in an easy-to-understand way, allowing parents a better grasp of what their kid is doing on the field. End result: Less nagging questions for you!
  • The book outlines how to be a knowledgeable and supportive fan, covering everything from sideline demeanor (no more contradicting your instructions) to shopping lists if the family is assigned to bring halftime refreshments that week.
  • The book gives simple drills and exercises for kids and parents to do together at home that hone the fundamentals, making your job easier each time you show up at practice.
How much does it cost?
The book is priced at $14.95. It can be ordered right now from Amazon.com for a reduced price of just over $10. But ordering in bulk is the best and cheapest way to purchase the book since the price goes down as the order size goes up.
As an example, if five teams from the same club are interested in ordering one copy for each of their players’ families, the price of each copy can be reduced by half. Here’s the discount breakdown:
1-24 copies: No discount
25-99 copies: 47 % discount
100-249 copies: 50 % discount
250-499 copies: 52 % discount
500-999 copies: 55 % discount
If you are interested in ordering The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Soccer Basics for your team or club, please e-mail me at:
In the body of the e-mail, include this information:
·       Your name
·       Club name
·       Phone number
·       Copies needed
·       Shipping address
I’ll then contact you to set up billing and arrange the shipment.
If you’d prefer to place an order over the phone, or if you have any questions about ordering, the book’s contents or anything else, feel free to call me at 914-275-3197.