Concussion Awareness On-line Training and Certificate

Please complete your "Concussion Awareness" and when completed, please print out your completed certificate.




Coaches Concussion Awareness Certificates: 


The WYSL Board of Directors have unanimously passed the requirement that all WYSL licensed coaches complete the CDC Concussion Awareness Online Course before the resumption of League play for Fall 2012.   This valuable, short, free online course was developed to help coaches recognize the signs of a possible concussion and the proper steps to follow when the coach suspects a concussion has occurred. Upon course completion a Concussion Awareness certificate will be issued. Coaches will be asked to have these Certificates in their possession for all their WYSL league games.  

The following is the link to this course: Click Here

or enter into your browser:http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/Training/


Guidelines for Handling 10 Coaching Situations From US Youth Soccer

What follows is a series of guidelines for handling 10 common situations that occur in coaching.  Research conducted with players shows that if they have coaches who follow the guidelines listed below, the players generally:                                                                                                                                                                 

1.   Enjoy playing more,

2.   like their teammates more,

3.   rate their coaches as more knowledgeable,

4.   feel their coaches are better teachers, and 

5.   have a greater desire to play for their coaches in the future

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 You may agree or disagree with the guidelines. However, it is what the experts (the players) say about successful coaches.      

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