ENYYSA E-College Planning Program

If you are looking for the best in the country to provide quality products to guide students toward an educated decision, The Sport Source® is the only place to look. They are simply the best at what they do." - Dan Kapsalis, former NCAA Compliance Director

Eastern New York Youth Soccer is proud to announce its partnership with The Sport Source in developing   the Eastern New York Youth Soccer College Planning Program. 

The goal for our families and players is:

·   to provide “easy to use” tools that will facilitate the college planning process

·   to show how the recruitment process works

·   to ensure a clear action plan to make a smooth transition from high school to college and graduate with a meaningful degree

·   to show how to apply academic and athletic accomplishments to maximize collegiate opportunities

·   to show how to use the latest in advanced technology to precisely match students to collegiate programs base on academic selection, athletic goals, geographic location chosen and other user selected factors

Our families and players will have access to our E-College Planning Lab giving you instant and immediate access to more than 2,500 collegiate soccer coaches representing NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, NCCAA and NJCAA 5,800 colleges and universities across the United States.

We offer two different options –

1.      Software only:

The software includes a checklist by grade, responsibility of the athlete, college admissions requirements, paying for college, as well as sample cover letters and resumes. Also included is a search engine for colleges based on the criteria you input.  All colleges that match your criteria are then listed with full details and links. 

2.    Software and Workbook:

For those interested in more detailed, hands on approach, the workbook offers many more helpful tools for your College Planning journey.

All Eastern New York Youth Soccer families and players are encouraged to get involved and make our Eastern New York Youth Soccer College Planning Program part of your experience. 

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