Club Administrators & Scorekeepers Instructions Online Log-In/Phoneitin/Mobile:
Westchester Youth Soccer League - Website
Log In  Directions to Revise & Keep Accurate email & contact information for your  “CLUB ADMINISTRATION”
You have been assigned administrative rights to your club page located on the WYSL website at www.wyslsoccer.org. This will enable you to keep your club information accurate with names, email information, telephone numbers, etc.
To log in to your club page you need to go to www.wyslsoccer.org.
Click on Clubs, located on left side of page
Click on your specific club and in the right hand top corner, click on Login.
This will bring you to a screen that will ask for an email and  password. The email must match the one listed on the website for you.
If you have forgotten, or have never received your log in information ”. Then  click Submit and you will receive a return email with your password.
If you are a new club official, in order to use this system you must be added as a club officer to club website with an email…by someone who has administrative access in your club.
Once you have logged in, you will be at your club’s “home” page. This page gives you three choices: Club Administration, Club Scores – WYSL, and Club Scores – Other., Team Administration and Field Administration
Use “Club Administration” to update your club contacts. There you will see a list of your club contacts. To add new ones, click the Add New Club Official link. To make changes to existing contacts, there is a link that says edit above and to the right of each person’s name. Please make sure all Score Reporter information is correct (name, email, etc) This is critical as the information in your club will be used to give access to the score reporter.
Team Contact changes are the responsibility of the team coaches and contacts. However, if you need to change a team contact in the event of a new coach or an email change after the book is published, you will need to update the team page. Use the log in information above then choose “Team Administration”, go to the Team and a green bar will appear for choices, for example, Contacts, logo. Etc. Choose and modify
Instructions to modify or add team contact to team page:
When you get into your club administration, on left side go to team administration, find the team that you need to change the contact info and modify the contacts email, etc...make sure pin is checked off. The contact must go to their team “log in” on their team page and request a password, which is on the same line as “forget password”, it will be sent to their email and then they will be able to access and log in to the “team page”
Follow directions above to log in. Once logged in, Use “Club Scores – WYSL” to enter scores for regular WYSL league games. Use “Club Scores – Other” if you have any Premier teams or State Cup game scores to enter.
 The Score Reporting page will list the current games. The Initial score for a game will be the score reported by the first Score Reporter to enter that game’s scores. If you believe that the score entered is NOT correct, email Lee D’Argenio ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org. at the League Office with the date of the game, division, name of the teams and score. Otherwise, the first score reported will stand.
If the game does not play: You must  enter SC, FP, or FOR in the Remarks column (State cup (SC), Field Pull (FP), Forfeit (FOR). If you believe a game played but you don’t have the score, leave it blank and come back to it later.  The other box is  0 = No Ref, 1= Ref showed up.
To save the scores, use “SAVE” at the bottom of the page. To exit without saving the scores, use “Return without saving” located at the top of the remarks column.

Instructions for mobile devices:


Attention: All phone and mobile phone users:  There is an additional step necessary for all score reporting. Beginning Spring 2014. We are now requiring a referee attendance to be filled out along with the Scores. It is a drop-down box:

0= No ref

1= Referee showed up


You can enter both score and referee attendance here and you will not have to call the scores in.

or  Please Go to link:  http://wyslsoccer.org/phoneitin if you are unable to use above link.

Signing In   - Entering a PIN number (PLEASE GET FROM YOUR CLUB ADMIN) and a game number


Confirm - Confirm the game is correct and proceed to enter score and attendance of ref



Please check your event paperwork and make sure you have the following information handy:

Pin #:  (Check for number with your Club Admin)

Game Number:

Team Names:

Final Score:

Ref Attendance:

If you call scores in, you will still be required to go to the link and enter the referee attendance CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Remember, you cannot have two games with the same game number (within the same division or across divisions) to use the PhoneItIn™ system.

Directions for phone in scores:

Dial the toll free number 1-866-334-6294.  (NOTE:  If any teams are calling from an international phone number, then they must use 571-730-5995 to phone in their scores.  All national teams can use the 1-866 phone number.)

When asked, say or enter the pin number of the event, and the code of the game (the code is the game number). Your pin number for the Spring 2014 season

You will then be told the division, teams playing, and field location - if this is the correct game, confirm by saying yes.

When asked, say or enter the score for each team, then confirm. You can do more games in the same call, or just say goodbye when done.

Remember, you cannot have two games with the same game number (within the same division or across divisions) to use the PhoneItIn system. You cannot change scores over the phone, you will have to  email:  ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org with game number, score, division, team.