Safety Guidelines for WYSL Coaches

As a coach of a WYSL team you are invested with the primary responsibility for our players' (childrens') safety.  The following is the policy of what the WYSL expects you to do to protect the safety of all involved:


1.  Inclement Weather.   At the first sound of thunder or sign of lightning, you are to pull your players off the field, be it a game or practice.  Do not wait to be told to take this action.  Also make sure all parents know that if thunder is heard or lightning is seen, they are to return to the field immediately to pick up their child.  Make sure you have emergency contact information whenever you are in charge of the players.  This will be helpful in case you have to take the players off the field to a safety spot such as another player's home.  Games and practices should not restart until at least 15-30 minutes has passed since the last thunder or lightning. 


2.  Two Adults.  Make every effort to have 2 adults at the field at all times.


3.  Be Prepared.  Come to every game and practice with emergency contact list, Medical Release Forms, first aid kit and cell phone.  Ask at the beginning of each season if there are any special medical conditions you should be aware of such as allergies to bee stings, etc.


4.  Designated Pick Up Area.   Make sure you know where your players will be picked up so that you can make sure all children have safely connected with an adult prior to leaving the field.  No child is to be left alone. 


5.  Injury.   As the coach you will be the first responder.   Call for help if you are unsure.   Do not risk moving a player if it is at all questionable.  If a child is hurt be sure to tell the parents after the practice or game.   The WYSL provides a secondary medical insurance policy that covers serious injuries.


6.  Report Unsafe Conditions.   Report any unsafe conditions or concerns to your club president immediately.  Do not assume someone knows about it. 


In short, we can not be too prepared or too careful.  As the coach you are the one all eyes will turn to.  Please make sure that you have prepared, communicated and documented. 


Thank you,

WYSL Board



Note on Soccer Cleats.   All WYSL players must wear the correct type of cleat on soccer fields.  Please be advised that baseball and football cleats with metal spikes are dangerous and not acceptable for soccer play. 





THIS IS A SOCCER CLEAT!   The WYSL requires all players wear only this type of cleat on the fields. 



THIS IS A BASEBALL CLEAT!   This type of cleat is dangerous and not acceptable.



THIS IS A FOOTBALL CLEAT!   This type of cleat is dangerous and not acceptable.