Player Safety - Hot Weather


There have been cases in youth sports where improperly hydrated kids have been taken to the hospital when playing in extremely hot weather (for d eh ydration, or heatstroke during or after the games).  It is the coach’s job to do their part, but it is also extremely important for all parents to make sure that their children are properly hydrated before, during and after games and practices in hot weather.  Here are several recommended strategies for hydration during hot weather:

  1. Make sure your son/daughter brings plenty of water/sports drinks to all games  and practices during hot weather.  Bring more than you think is needed.  Get more for them if you run out during a game.  

  1. Drink water before the warmups, after the warmups and before the game starts.   Players should hydrate after they come of out the game during substitutions, and before they go back in .  Drink at halftime.  Drink after the game. 


  1. Encourage your son/daughter, if they want a drink, to come over to the sideline and ask someone to hand them a water bottle.  They don’t need the referee’s permission as long as they don’t leave the field.  

  1. Tried and true - buy a pump action plant sprayer and fill with cold water and ice.  Kids love to mist themselves on the sidelines.  Add to your son’s/daughter’s equipment.   

  1. Instruct your son/daughter to raise their hand during a game to let the coaches know when they need to come out for a drink.   


  1. For goalkeepers, when it is really hot, I wonder if setting a water bottle far b ehind the back of the goal would be okay?  Check with the ref before the game.  Also, wear a ventilated pinney if you wish instead of the usual long sleeve polyester GK jersey in hot weather.