My team, the New Rochelle Force, won the WYSL Division 1 Championship by a fair margin this season.  I would like to take all the credit for me being a great coach, but that wouldn’t be true or fair.   The credit belongs to my players. 

I have seven (that is not a typo) players on my team in the WYSL Select program.  As a father, I can tell you that Coach Vincent has had an enormous impact on my son’s soccer career and playing ability.  That is without question.   My other boys participating in the Select program have all improved by leaps and bounds as well.   In short, I want to thank the WYSL for this Program.  It has helped my team immensely.  I sure hope the WYSL recognizes what a jewel they have in their coaching staff and selfishly I hope that Coach Vincent does U14 next season.   I will certainly be encouraging my players to participate as I have seen the benefits of the Program in my players’ development (and enjoyment). 
All the best and very much looking forward to the tournaments.  As always, I am available to do whatever I can to help, be it organizing a team dinner or being the water boy like last summer.
Thank you,
Tom Fritsch