FC Somers develops "GOING GREEN FOR THE TEAM" Program

FC Somers Soccer Club developed this program, which they shared with all the WYSL clubs at the end of season meeting. 


In an effort to do our part in promoting the idea of “going green for the team”, the FC Somers Soccer Club is asking that during the season, families take part in the following important initiatives.
Saves gas:  Before the away games, if each team meets at a central location and piles into a few cars, this will really make a difference. Saving gas not only helps the environment but also helps our wallets.
Builds team spirit: Team members and their parents can get to know each other better which leads to a more enjoyable season and experience for everyone.
Team members all arrive at games at the same time: Even if people don’t have room in their cars for extra passengers, we ask that you still participate in this activity. In this way, everyone meets and drives to the games together so that no one gets lost and everyone arrives on time, as a team. 
Continue using reusable bottles for game and practices.  If you must use a single use plastic water bottle, bring it home from the field and recycle it properly.
Throwing old equipment away will fill up our landfills:  Don’t throw out old sports equipment! Clean out your garage and recycle all the old equipment that your children have outgrown. 
All your donations will benefit children far less fortunate that ours:  This is a good way to help other children in need, and it doesn’t cost you anything.
Acceptable items to donate include equipment from any sport ranging from bats, balls and ice skates to soccer, tennis and anything else you might think of. Please also include any uniforms, shin-guards, helmets etc. that your children can no longer wear.