WYSL Board Meeting Bulletin

U9, U10,U11- Intra-Club Guest Play Pilot Program for Spring 2013

At the September 20th WYSL Board of Directors meeting a motion allowing intra-club guest play for the league’s U9, U10 and U11 divisions were approved. This new initiative will be used as a pilot program during the Spring 2013, with the possibility of expanding this to other age brackets if it is successful implemented and proves to produce a positive impact on the players within this group. 
The goal of this new initiative is to respond to our club’s request to allow them more flexibility in rostering players on their younger teams. The first difficulty facing WYSL Clubs with multiple teams in an age group is properly placing new players on newly formed travel teams.  Analyzing technical, tactical, and psychological ability of young players within a limited time frame with one or two tryout sessions easily leads to a high probability of players being misplacement on teams. Add rapidly changing player skills at this levels and weekly scheduling conflicts, the need to provide the clubs with more roster flexibility becomes very apparent. More details on this new initiative will follow as we approach the Spring season.
The WYSL board is piloting this new Intra-club guest play initiative to give the clubs another tool to insure that their players are offered the best opportunity to develop to their full potential.
Julian DiDonato
WYSL President