Spring 2013 WYSL Final Seedings

 February 15, 2013

Dear WYSL Club Presidents and Officials:
The Final Seedings for the Spring 2013 season are now complete and the scheduling process has begun.
Thank you for the thoughtful requests to amend the preliminary seedings.  We carefully considered every request we received and were able to accommodate some of them.  We could not make a number of changes for various reasons.  So, for those hoping to move up – prove it on the field this Spring and we’ll move you up in the Fall!
Check your teams to determine how they were affected by the changes.
Preliminary scheduling will now take place and you will see a copy to review.  We expect the preliminary schedule to be released in a few weeks.
Good luck and have fun this Springl!
WYSL Seedings Committee:
Joe Foti, Chairman – joe@foti4.com
Lavon Von Redden – vonredden@gmail.com
Jason Kahan – jkgnyc@mac.com
Dominick DeRocco -- droc65@aol.com Graham Smith -- wba59@aol.com
League Officials:   Julian DiDonato, President – juliandidonato@gmail.com
Lee D’Argenio, Registrar – ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org