The WYSL joins with the Westchester Soccer Referee Organization (WSRO) to invite both adults and teenagers to become soccer refs.  Registration is now open for the entry level courses.  See http://www.wsroref.com/courses.php for the course listing. Registration is through www.sportssignup.com/wsroref.start.


Important information:

Everyone starts with the Entry Level online module and followed by a classroom session, to become a Grade Level 9 referee OR a Grade Level 8 referee.  You must first register online before taking the online module.  The module consists of the 17 Laws of the game. Upon completion, the student is ready to move on to the classroom portion of the course. 


Grade 8:  One must be 15 years of age by the start of the upcoming soccer season to take this part of the course. The classroom component, consisting of eleven hours of instruction, is given over three weekday evenings. There is also a Spanish language version.  There is no limitation in the age level of WYSL games that the Grade 8 ref can officiate.

Grade 9: The basic difference between Grade 8 and Grade 9 is that the grade 9 course is shorter and generally attended by younger aspiring refs. There is no lower nor upper age limit to become a Grade 9 referee. However, one must be 14 years of age or older to referee games in the WYSL travel.  And for these games, one may officiate only up through u-11.  Referees may of course officiate recreational youth league games.  The Grade 9 class consists of six-hours, presented in one day.

As part of the course fee, the student receives a uniform package consisting of 2 shirts, shorts, stockings, whistle, line flags, yellow/red card wallet and a carrying bag.  The fee, as shown on the website, also includes USSF registration for 2014 and 2015 year as well as WSRO dues for both years and the Risk Management protocol (“child-safe” for refs over 18).  The Grade 8 course held in July at CCNY carries a premium for which registration is through jstern@ccny.cuny.edu rather than through the WSRO online system, while the Grade 8 course in Spanish is less because it does not include the online module.

Information:  www.wsroref.com