2017 - 2018 Westchester Cup Rules

Complete Rules

Rules Summary

Rules Summary

Girls and Boys – U11 to U19 - Rules Summary

Four-team Group Play on Saturdays in fall 2017 and spring 2018. All teams guaranteed 3 games.

Playoffs: 2 or 3 games in spring 2018 in each age/gender group to select the Champion.

Preliminary Cup dates: 2017: 9/23, 10/21, 11/18;  2018: 3/17, 4/14, 4/28, 5/12, 5/19, 6/2, 6/9.

Cup winners will qualify for the US Club Regional tournament with free entry fee into the regionals.

Open to any team from a WYSL club or a team based in Westchester, Rockland, Bronx, Manhattan, or western Fairfield CT (Norwalk and west), and teams as approved by the WYSL. Clubs may form Cup teams with players from more than one US Club travel team in their club.

U14 and younger teams register by July 15, 2017 (u15 and high school teams by Jan. 15, 2018) with a preliminary US Club Cup roster with a minimum of 9 players (u11 and u12) or 11 players (u13+) and a maximum of 26. The oldest player on a team determines the age group. All players and coaches must have US Club passes for that club. The WYSL will make US Club passes for a fee. A player may only be on one Cup roster. The player roster freezes on the Friday before the first game of the competition A coach may coach more than one team from a single club with a pass from that club. A coach may have passes and teams from more than one club.

Fees: u11,12, (9v9 2x30 min): $275; u13/14 - 2x35 min, u15/16 – 2x40 min, u17/18 – 2x45 min: $300.

Games will be scheduled by the home team in consultation with the away team and played on the published Cup Saturdays starting between 9 and 5:30. Teams must be available to play on Cup Saturdays.  On request, the Cup may allow a game to be played on another day agreed to by both teams on or before the next Saturday. Once scheduled a game does not move for other than exceptional reasons and only with the approval of the Cup.

All matches will have a 3-referee crew paid on the field by the teams except for the finals which will be paid by the Cup.  Matches will start on time.                      

The group stage is a 3 game, round-robin competition within four-team groups in a division. In the fall, u14 and younger teams play two group games with the remainder of the group games and all playoff games played in the spring. U15 and high school teams play all games in spring.  In the group stage, a game can be a tie.

Group Points are awarded: win 3, tie 1, loss 0. There is a tie break procedure. Group winners plus 2nd  place teams advance to the playoffs. The playoff stage is a knock-out competition, with overtime, and PKs.

All participants (players, coaches, spectators, officials) are expected to behave in a sporting manner and to show respect for the game. Poor behavior will be disciplined by the Cup. 

All teams, coaches, and referees must follow Concussion Management and concussion guidelines as defined and recommended by both US Club Soccer and US Soccer including “Return to Play”.  Heading is prohibited in the fall for u12 and younger players and for u11 and younger in the spring. Uniforms with logos require approval by the Cup administration.

Complete Rules - Rules Supplement to the Rules and Regulations of the WYSL

Cup Play

Cup matches will be on Saturdays. Four-team group play will be in fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Cup Playoffs in each age/sex group will be 2 or 3 games in spring 2018. All teams guaranteed 3 games. Preliminary Cup dates: 9/23, 10/21, 11/18; 2018: 3/17, 4/14, 4/28, 5/19, 6/2.

Cup winners will qualify for the US Club Regional tournament with entry fees paid by the Cup.

Cup Registration

Eligibility. The Cup is open to any team from a recognized WYSL club or a team based in Westchester, Rockland, Bronx, New York (Manhattan), western Fairfield CT (Norwalk and west), and such other teams within 30 miles of White Plains as approved by the WYSL.


Clubs may form Cup teams with players from more than one travel team in their club.


Process. To register, a team must submit a US Club roster including 1) a minimum number of players equal to the on-field player number for that age group. (The player roster can be modified up to the Friday before the first game of the Cup competition.) For a fee the WYSL will make US Club passes. For players needing a new pass, the application must include, for each player, a picture, birth certificate or other proof of age acceptable to the League Registrar (if new to the WYSL).  2) a head coach with a currently effective registration through US Club Soccer (including US Club Soccer’s risk management and injury/concussion management requirements) OR the information on a coach who will apply for a US Club pass and risk management and the fee for a US Club card.  3) full payment of the Cup registration fee which is non-refundable if the team is accepted into a Cup Group.


The oldest player on a team determines the age group for the team. To create viable divisions and groups, the Cup may not accept all teams that register.


The League will charge a fee for each player or coach pass issued to replace a lost, stolen, or destroyed card.


Deadline and Fees. The deadline for team registration with a preliminary roster (players and team officials) U11-14 is July 15, 2017.  Fee: U11, 12: $275; U13+: $300. Registration deadline for U15-19 is January 15, 2018.


Limitations. The maximum roster is 26 players. A player may be listed on only one Cup roster for the Cup season. Players on a Cup team roster must have cards from the same club but may be from different teams in that club. No team may register a player for a Cup team until and unless the player is on the team.


Youth players who are also professionals are not eligible for Cup teams.


Frozen. Cup team player rosters will be frozen on the Friday prior to the first group match until the end of the competition (until June 30, 2018). Players may not change Cup teams nor change clubs during the Cup season.  No player roster changes or additions may be made during the competition. The listed coach(es) can be changed.


Illegal Players. A player registration form from a WYSL club containing a false signature or false statement or playing an ineligible player will subject the WYSL club and the individuals involved to disciplinary action by the Cup and the League. A false statement or false signature or playing an ineligible player by a non-WYSL club will be disciplined by the Cup.




Requirements. A coach must have a valid US Club coach pass from the club of the team s/he is coaching. All coaches and other staff are required to register with US Club Soccer pursuant to Rules 105 and 106 of the US Club Soccer Player Rules and they shall, as part of that registration process, complete a risk management application, accessed online via the US Club Soccer website. Failure to complete or falsification of the application can result in immediate disqualification or suspension of the coach and possible discipline of the team.


Limitations. A coach may have more than one team from a single club with a pass from that club or may have teams and coach passes from more than one club.


At least one and no more than three coaches must be in the team area for the duration of any game.


Behavior and Discipline. Coaches are to instruct and encourage their players in a sporting manner. They may not use electronic or mechanical devices. No coach or assistant coach may use profanity or in any manner incite disruptive behavior. Coaches are expected to control the behavior of their team and of their fans.


If a coach receives three (3) yellow cards during a season, that coach shall serve at least a one game suspension. The Cup, at its discretion, may extend the length of the suspension and determine any other punishments, fines, and/or assessments.


If a coach receives a red card, the coach shall leave the area of the match and shall serve at least a one game suspension. The Cup, at its discretion, may extend the length of the suspension and may determine any other punishments, actions, fines, and/or assessments including a required appearance before a Cup committee.


A coach who has been placed on suspension is not permitted to participate in any manner whatsoever in any match or match-related activities in the competition during the suspension and is not permitted to be present at the site of a match or areas immediately adjacent.




Eligibility. Eligibility is open to all youth players (other than professionals) age 19 or younger Each player must have a valid, current US Club Soccer pass. Players are permitted to play on any age appropriate team from their own club but may be on only one Cup roster in the Cup year.


Discipline. If a player receives three (3) yellow cards during a season, that player shall serve a one game suspension.


If a player receives a red card, the player shall leave the game and not be replaced and shall serve a one or more game suspension at the discretion of the Cup.


A player who has been suspended is not permitted to dress for any Cup match during the period of his/her suspension but may attend and sit with the team on the sidelines (out of uniform).

Rules of Play


FIFA Rules. All games will be played under the FIFA Laws of the Game except as modified for the Cup.


Birth Yr    Div         Time     Ball  #players   #dressed  Field Size       Goal size   Min   #players

2007/06   U11,12  2x30 min    4     9v9    18     45/55 x 70/80             Min: 6.5x12               6

           Max: 7x21*      

2005/04   U13, 14 2x35 min    5   11v11  18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7

2003/02   U15, 16  2x40 min  5   11v11   18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7

2001/00   U17        2x45 min  5   11v11   18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7

1999  U17,U18-19 2x45 min  5   11v11   18    60-75 x 110-125                    8 x 24              7


Halftimes will be 10 minutes for all age groups.


The home team will provide a minimum of 2 properly inflated game balls.


Both goals must be the same size. All goals must be secured.


The minimum number of players is required for a scheduled match to start or to continue.


No overtime in group play.  Overtime in playoff games (see Playoffs below).


A team may make an unlimited number of substitutions during a game, upon any stoppage of play, with permission of and at the discretion of the referee. Players may enter, exit and reenter.


Heading. Heading is prohibited in the fall for u12 and younger players and for u11 and younger in the spring.  Sanction: an indirect free kick (IFK) awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the offense. If the deliberate header occurs in the goal area, the indirect free kick (IFK) is taken on the edge of the goal area parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred.


Saturday Cup Games. To enter to play in the WYSL, cup teams must be available on the published, scheduled Cup Saturdays when teams are expected to play their Cup matches. Teams not available on the defined weekend(s) of play will be removed from the competition. On request, the Cup may allow a game to be played on another day agreed to by both teams on or before the next Saturday.


Home Team Scheduling. The home team should consult with the visiting team about the field and time but, in general, the home team will determine when on Saturday the game will play.  Games may not be scheduled to start before 9 am, nor later than 5:30 pm except with the agreement of both teams.  The teams may agree to play at the away field or on some other day of the week with Cup permission. The date, time, and field for all Cup games must be set at least two weeks before the start of the regular league season in which they occur.


Un-played Games. Games not completed within an 8 day game window beginning on a Cup Saturday to the next Saturday (except for weather or other unforeseen circumstances) will be ruled forfeits or double forfeits.


Field Pulls – Rescheduling. If a field is pulled, the teams and the Cup will coordinate to reschedule the game. In some circumstances, the Cup may change the designated home team.


When the teams cannot agree on a date to re-schedule a game, the Cup will review the facts and make a determination as to re-scheduling, forfeiting or canceling.


FIFA rules. FIFA rules for uniforms apply for jerseys, player numbers, shin guards, and goalie jersey colors.


Coordinating Uniform Colors. The two coaches must consult in the week prior to the game on uniform colors. While both teams must be prepared to change jersey color at the match, if there is a conflict and if necessary, the home team will be required to change.


Other Items. As per the Laws, anything worn by the players must be safe to the player and the opponents. No jewelry may be worn nor any hair control devices with hard parts. A player wearing non-permitted items shall not be allowed to enter the game and will be removed if discovered playing with non-permitted items.


Subject to the authority of the referee to determine the safety to the player and to others and to the referee’s authority to require padding or modification, a player may wear:  a soft splint or a soft cast, a brace, joint or prosthetic device, eye glasses, soft foam headgear for goalkeeper, full 90 type headgear for players.


In cold weather, players are permitted to wear additional clothing under their team uniform so long as it is not dangerous to the player or others and is not confusing (as to colors).


If an article of team equipment has sponsorship logos, the article must be approved by the Cup.

The Field

The permitted field size is given in the chart above. All lines shall be as per FIFA rules.


Team Area. The team area shall extend from 10 yards on each side of the halfway line (equal with the end of the center circle) for a distance of 20 yards. Coaches, players, and substitutes shall stay within the team area. The area at midfield is for waiting substitutes.


Home Responsibility. The designated home team is responsible for the size and condition of a field assigned to a Cup game, the proper marking and the installation of corner flags, goals and goal nets as described in IFAB/FIFA’s Laws of the Game. If the referee determines that the field is not playable (except for weather), the home team will forfeit.


The home team coach or field coordinator is responsible for confirming the availability and condition of the field in advance of the match. In the event of bad weather or other field problem, the home team’s club official, after inspection of the field, must notify the Cup no less than 2 hours before the start time of the match if field conditions require that the match be postponed.


If the reasons for the loss of the field were *within* the control of the team and/or club, including but not limited to site double booking, field locked, the home team will be responsible for the full referee fees and the match will be either be a forfeit or rescheduled at the visiting team's site. 


Notification of Postponement. As soon as possible after a game is postponed, the club must notify the away team, the Cup, the referee assignor and (if possible) the referees. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit as well as full referee costs. If there is any doubt that everyone has been informed, the club must post someone at the field from 30 minutes before the scheduled start to 15 minutes after to inform the referees and any players.


In any postponement or rescheduling, the Cup must be informed. Primary responsibility for rescheduling rests with the home team. If the two teams in question cannot agree on a rescheduling date and time, the home team will give two reasonable times on the next Saturday and the away team will choose. If the teams do not set a date/time, the Cup may declare a forfeit or double forfeit, or take other action.


Teams Must Appear. If there is no notification of a field pull within two hours of the match, regardless of the weather, the teams must plan to appear at the match site, ready to play at the scheduled time. They may however receive notice from the home club official en route that the field has been pulled. At the field, the Referee is the only person authorized to cancel the match.


Termination by the Referee. If the match is terminated by the Referee for reasons of bad weather, poor field conditions, or darkness, before the second half begins, the entire game must be replayed unless otherwise determined by the Cup.


If the referee terminates the match for any other reason, the Cup will decide whether the game should be a completed, forfeited, or replayed.


No Postponement or Changes by Teams. Under no circumstances will a coach, team manager or any other club representative change a scheduled match without permission from the Cup. Should this occur, both teams will forfeit the match and will be responsible for their share of the referee and associated assignor fees.


If there is a last minute change to a match site; the home team must place a person at the original site to direct the Referee(s) and the visiting team to the new field.

Spectators, Others

Behavior and Responsibility. The home team and home club are responsible for crowd control. Failure to provide control and safety to referees, players, coaches and spectators shall be grounds for disciplinary action by the Cup. However, each member team is responsible for anyone affiliated or associated with that team on and off the field, in all matters.


Position. All spectators must be on the side of the field opposite to the teams and no one may sit or stand behind either goal, unless – in either case – they are seated in stands. The referee may make exceptions for press, photographers, or officials. The home team will have the choice of the team side.


Entering the Field. No club official, club member, team manager, adult supervisor, player, or spectator may enter the field of play regardless of the circumstances, unless they have been given permission by the referee. Violators shall become subject to disciplinary actions by the Cup.


Attendance. A spectator, coach, or team official placed on suspension or banned from a game may not be present at the site of a match nor participate in any way.  Failure to observe this restriction will result in further discipline by the Cup.  A suspended player may be present at games on the bench but out of uniform and may participate in team practices.  


Three Refs. All matches shall have an assigned 3-person referee crew, scheduled by the Cup.


Referee Payment. Half of the referee fees will be paid by each team at the posted rates.  Referees must be paid prior to the match. A referee who does not appear is not paid and that fee is retained by the teams.


Checking Passes. In addition to the duties given in the Laws, the referee or one of the ARs must check and verify the identity and passes of the coaches, assistant coaches and players, and to verify these against the Official Cup Roster. No player may be added. Only players on the official roster and only players with a valid player pass may play. Only carded coaches may be in the team area.


A late-arriving player must be checked in against the roster by an official before entering the match.


If there is any discrepancy in the player information or club name on the card or roster, the player shall be permitted to participate in the match. But the referee shall include a complete description of the discrepancy in the referee’s report to the Cup.


Player and Coach Passes. The Referee will *not* hold the passes of the players and coaches and will not retain the pass of any ejected player or coach.


Game Report. The referee must submit a complete Referee Report, including a list of all cautions (yellow cards) and all ejections (red cards) given during a match. This report will be submitted by mail or fax no later 48 hours after a game . Additionally the referee will mail or fax the report, the Cup Game Form, and the rosters of both teams to  WYSL 32 Elm Place, Rye, NY 10580  or  FAX 914-235-5323 or email scans to LDargenio@wyslsoccer.org.


Any unusual events or serious accidents must be reported to the Cup by the referee and by the team coach or manager.


Referee Fails to Appear. If the assigned center referee fails to appear for a match, an AR will officiate the game and the second AR (if present) becomes AR1. Club linespersons will be used for the sidelines. If none of the assigned referees appear, the game is postponed.  


Club Linespersons shall only be responsible for indicating when the ball goes over the touch line, by raising the flag; direction shall not be indicated, nor should any other calls be signaled. Club Linespersons shall not call off sides or have any other function.

The Match

Confirm Date/Time/Field. The visiting team coach/manager shall confirm with the home coach/manager the date/time/field location and any useful particulars about traffic or access.


Exchange contact information. The manager shall also exchange cell numbers to communicate in case of bad weather, a field pull, or other problem (traffic, etc.).


Requirements. A team must have the minimum number of properly equipped and carded players to start the match. The team must present to the referee two copies of the approved Cup roster. Failure to have the appropriate player passes, coach passes, or an official team lineup form will result in a 0-3 forfeit by the team. 


Start Time. If possible, matches should start on time. There is a 15 minute grace period to allow for the minimum number of players, cards, roster, or the coach to arrive. Any team not ready to play by 15 minutes from the scheduled start or from the end of a prior match (whichever is later) will forfeit and a 0-3 loss reported for that team.  


If, at the scheduled time for the match, the minimum number of players is present, the match will start. There is no grace period to wait for additional players to arrive at the game.


Score Reporting. Both teams are responsible for reporting the score of the game within 36 hrs.


Team or Teams Do Not Appear. If a team does not appear for a scheduled match without an adequate reason, it will be given a forfeit 0-3 loss, removed from the Cup competition, and will not advance to the knock-out stage.


A team which cannot get to the match but notifies the opponent and the Cup of an accident, act of God, or weather delay will have the situation reviewed by the Cup to make a decision.


If only one team appears, that team will submit the Game Roster to the referee, line up with the minimum number of players, and kick off. The team that does not appear will be given a 0-3 loss and will be responsible for the ref and assigner fees.


If both teams fail to appear for a scheduled match and the field is playable, both teams will be given a forfeit. Each team will pay their share of the referee fees.


Team Responsibility to Play. If a team refuses to play after being so instructed by the Referee, the team will forfeit the game, 0-3.


Any team directly responsible for the stopping play at any time during the match due to poor sportsmanship toward the referee, opposing fans or opposing players will be given a 0-3 forfeit and potentially other penalties as determined by the Cup.


Illegal Player. If a team is discovered to have knowingly used an illegal player, any game(s) with that player will be declared 0-3 forfeits, the team will not advance to the playoff stage, and additional sanctions may be imposed including suspension of the player, suspension of the coach, a fine up to $1000, expulsion from the competition.


An Illegal player shall mean any player who does not have a valid, unexpired and age appropriate US Club soccer player pass, who is falsely playing in a lower age group, who is listed on more than one Cup roster, who is serving a suspension, or who is otherwise ineligible.


Forfeit Fee. All forfeits will trigger a $200 fine.

Group Stage Play

Group Games. There will be three games in the group stage. In the fall, U11-14 will play two games.  The remainder of the group games for U11-14 and all Knock-out playoff games will be played in the spring. All U15-19 games to be played in the spring of 2018.   The dates will be set by the Cup.


Tie Games. In the group stage, a game tied at the end of regulation time is a tie.


Complete Game. A group stage game in which the second half has started will be considered a complete game.


Group Points. Points in the group stage are awarded: 3 for a win, 1 for a tie, 0 for a loss.  Ties within a group are broken by head-to-head (if only two teams), fewest red cards, goal difference (max 3 per game), fewest goals against, most shutouts, most goals scored, fewest yellow cards, and finally by a coin toss.


Advancing From the Group. At the end of the group stage, the winners of each 4-team group plus sufficient “best 2nd” teams will advance to form knock-out playoff groups of 2, 4, 8, or 16 teams. The same tie-breaks are used for determining “best 2nd” teams except that - regardless of the standings - a team with a forfeit shall not advance to the knock-out stage and other teams in that group will be moved up one position.


Team Drop Out. If a team is dropped or withdraws from the group stage, all games against that team will be scored as 3-0 wins for the team’s opponents.

Playoff Stage

Seeding the Playoff Ladder. Group winners will be seeded into the playoff groups and will not play each other in the first round. “Best 2nd“ teams will be seeded into the playoff ladder. Teams from the same initial group play will not play in round 1 but may do so in later rounds.


Home Team. The home team in a playoff game will be the higher finishing team unless only one of the two teams in the match was home in the prior round. In that case, that team will be the away team.


Overtime. If a playoff game is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will play two full overtime periods (no golden goal) with a 5 minute break before the overtime begins and no break (teams change ends) between the overtime periods.  


U11, 12: 2 x 5 minutes. U13+: 2 x 10 minutes. If the match remains tied after overtime, then FIFA Kicks from the Penalty Mark will determine the winner.


Incomplete Game. If a playoff game is incomplete, the Cup will decide whether to complete the game, adjudicate a winner, or replay the game in its entirety.  


Team Drop Out. If a team is dropped or withdraws from the playoffs stage: the Cup will decide whether to replace the team in the competition or award forfeits.


Team Advancement. Teams that qualify for and do not attend the US Club Regionals or Finals will be fined and may be liable for sanctions from the Cup including in future cup competitions.

WYSL Concussion/No Re-entry Protocol (See Referee Handbook)

Management. Concussion Management as defined and recommended by both US Club Soccer and US Soccer must be followed. Coaches and referees must adhere to the concussion guidelines as outlined by US Club Soccer and US Soccer.  


Reporting. The referee will make an appropriate notation in the Referee’s Report and email a scan or picture image of the online referee report and of the player’s pass within 24 hours.


Return to play in Westchester Cup games. Any player so removed from a game shall not be permitted to play again in a Westchester Cup game or other Westchester League sanctioned

competition unless and until such player is cleared by a health care professional to resume

play by completing and signing the Return to Play form prescribed by the league.


Decisions by the Cup Administration. All decision in these rules which are the responsibility of “the Cup” will made by the Westchester Cup administration.


The Cup shall manage all matters requiring arbitration that pertain to the Westchester Cup sponsored competition. The Cup will administer Game Protests and Behavioral Incidents. The Cup has the authority to suspend or fine any Player, Coach, Team, Team Official, club Official, Team and/or club Supporter. The Cup has the authority to fine any team and club.


Eligibility Protests: Protests on questions of player eligibility must be filed with the Cup in writing, with substantiating facts to the Cup, any time within the current season.


Appeal of a Cup Decision: A club may appeal a decision of the Cup only to the Appeals Committee of the Westchester Cup in accordance with Rules contained within this Protests and Appeals section.


Appeals Committee


Form and Authority. The Westchester Cup Appeals Committee shall be responsible for hearing appeals pertaining to a decision rendered by the Westchester Cup administration or special (ad hoc) committees of the Westchester Cup. All avenues of appeal must be exhausted at all levels below  this body before the Appeals Committee will consider hearing an appeal.


Filing Appeals. Appeals of a decision rendered by the Cup are filed by member clubs, who shall be responsible for adhering to the rules regarding appeals and guarantee all fees and fines.


A. Validity and Eligibility. To be valid and eligible for consideration, each appeal must:

1) Be accompanied by an appeal fee in the amount of $250, in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Westchester Youth Soccer League.


2) Be submitted with the approval of the member club. The submittal must describe in full detail the grounds for the appeal and bear the signature of the member club’s president, as well as the signature of the affected coach of any team.


3) Be accompanied by three (3) copies of any information to be presented by witnesses and/or supporting documents.


4) Be provided to the Cup office by first class mail and postmarked, as well as (with respect to copies available in electronic form) e-mailed, no later than midnight of the tenth (10th) calendar day after the date of notice of the decision of the Arbitration Board giving rise to the appeal to the Chairmen of the Appeals Committee at the Cup’s office, with email copies to the coach of the opposing team and the president of the opposing club.


5) Pertain to a decision rendered by the Arbitration Board.


6) Be initiated by a party directly affected by the decision under appeal. An affected party, as used throughout this Rule, is defined as a team coach and/or a club president who was party to the decision under appeal.


7) Include all information necessary to allow a fair and just decision.


B. Non-Conformance. Appeals not filed within the required time limit, or which have been submitted without written details or without remittance of the fee or without a copy being sent to the opposing team or club, or otherwise not in full conformity with Rule 4(A) of this Part, may be rejected without consideration.


C. No Lawyers. An Appeals Committee hearing is not a legal proceeding. Involved parties may not be represented by legal counsel. Attorneys may appear before the Committee only as affected parties in an individual capacity and not as legal counsel.


D. Ignorance of Rules. A plea of ignorance of the rules and regulations of the Cup is not sufficient grounds for the filing of an appeal.


E. Forfeiture of Appeal Rights. An affected party failing to appear before the Appeals Committee after having received proper notice shall forfeit all rights to appeal.


F. Basis of Decision. The Appeals Committee shall render a decision on any appeal on the basis of any information, from any source that it deems appropriate under the circumstances.


G. Appeals Fee Forfeited. The appeals fee shall be forfeited to the Cup if the Appeals Committee does not uphold the appeal.


H. Conflict of Interest. If a member of the Appeals Committee is connected with the division or with either of the clubs involved in the appeal, he shall rescue himself from participating in the appeal.


I. Participation in Meetings. Appeals shall be heard in person or by telephone conference call at the Chair’s discretion; it shall be closed to the public. The Appeals Committee may set time limits for oral argument, if any, as deemed appropriate by the Appeals Committee.


J. Burden. The appellant shall bear the burden of showing that the decisions being appealed from is clearly erroneous.


K. Hearing. The Appeals Committee shall be convened by the Chairman at his or her discretion. Notice shall be given to affected parties, the Chairman of the Arbitration Board, and others invited to aid in the Committee’s deliberations and/or to present relevant information, no later than two business days prior to the scheduled meeting.


L. Evidence. No new evidence may be presented to the Appeals Committee unless circumstances have materially changed, or new facts are discovered that were unavailable at the time of the original hearing. In such case, the Appeals Committee may allow that such new evidence be presented to it provided all parties to the appeal have been given notice and are preparedto respond to the materially changed circumstances or previously unavailable or undiscovered facts.


M. Stay of Arbitration Board Decision. A decision rendered by the Cup from which an appeal is taken may be suspended by the Appeals Committee only upon written application by the appellant which accompanies the Notice of Appeal and the finding by the Appeals Committee of good cause shown. Good cause shown may only be made upon a unanimous vote of the Appeals Committee and a written decision which specifically states that there is a strong likelihood of success upon the appeal and that circumstances are present which clearly show that the appellant will suffer irreparable harm unless the decision from which the appeal is taken is suspended pending the determination of the appeal. The decision of the Appeals Committee regarding suspension of the decision pending determination of the appeal shall be final and may not be further appealed.


N. Limit of Relevancy. No decision which arises out of the application of the rules of competition that is made in the course of the competition, and has no consequence beyond the competition as herein defined, shall be appealable. For the purposes of this policy, the term “competition” may include Group Play or Playoff games.


O. Timeliness of Decision. The Appeals Committee shall render a decision within ten (10) business days of the completion of the appeal hearing. Failure to render a decision within this period shall entitle the party filing the appeal to submit the appeal to the next level of authority without determination and the appeal fee submitted shall be refunded.


P. Notification of Decision. All parties to an appeal shall be notified in writing of the decision rendered by the Appeals Committee within fifteen (15) business days of the completion of the appeal hearings.


Q. Appeal. Decisions of the Appeals Committee shall be final and binding unless and until overturned under appeal as provided for in these Rules.




No Westchester Cup official, club, league, team, coach, referee, player, or other representative may invoke the aid of the Courts of any State or of the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate soccer organizations.


For violation of this rule, the offending party shall be subject to the sanctions of suspension and fines and shall be liable to Westchester Cup for all expenses incurred by the Westchester Cup, the Westchester Youth Soccer League, Inc. and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives, in defending any court action, including but not limited to the following:


1. Court costs


2. Attorneys’ fees


3. Reasonable compensation for time spent by such persons in responding to and defending against allegations in the action, including responses to discovery and court appearance.



4. Travel expenses


5. Expenses for holding special Westchester Cup and/or Westchester Youth Soccer League meetings necessitated by court action.


Line of Authority for an Appeal


The line of authority for an appeal of a decision rendered by the Westchester Cup or Westchester  Appeals Committee shall be:


1. Westchester Youth Soccer League Appeals Committee (or Westchester Youth Soccer League Board if such Board decides to take direct jurisdiction for such an appeal).


2. US Club Soccer

3. USSF National Appeals Committee


Appeal Fees Appeals following the line of authority listed above are made directly to each level. The fee for an appeal is prescribed by each level of appeal and is made payable to each level.




“Appeals Committee” shall mean the Appeals Committee of Westchester Cup as used in these Rules and as authorized directly or indirectly by the Westchester Youth Soccer League.


“Club” shall mean any club that enters a team for a Westchester Cup competition.


“The Cup” shall mean the administration of the Westchester Cup as used in these Rules and as authorized directly or indirectly by the Westchester Youth Soccer League.


“The League” shall mean the Westchester Youth Soccer League.


President shall mean the President of the Westchester Youth Soccer League unless otherwise indicated.


Matters Not Provided


Any matters not provided for in these rules shall be determined by the Cup or by the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) Board and decisions so made shall