Three Refs. All matches shall have an assigned 3-person referee crew, scheduled by the Cup.


Referee Payment. Half of the referee fees will be paid by each team at the posted rates.  Referees must be paid prior to the match. A referee who does not appear is not paid and that fee is retained by the teams.


Checking Passes. In addition to the duties given in the Laws, the referee or one of the ARs must check and verify the identity and passes of the coaches, assistant coaches and players, and to verify these against the Official Cup Roster. No player may be added. Only players on the official roster and only players with a valid player pass may play. Only carded coaches may be in the team area.


A late-arriving player must be checked in against the roster by an official before entering the match.


If there is any discrepancy in the player information or club name on the card or roster, the player shall be permitted to participate in the match. But the referee shall include a complete description of the discrepancy in the referee’s report to the Cup.


Player and Coach Passes. The Referee will *not* hold the passes of the players and coaches and will not retain the pass of any ejected player or coach.


Game Report. The referee must submit a complete Referee Report, including a list of all cautions (yellow cards) and all ejections (red cards) given during a match. This report will be submitted by mail or fax no later 48 hours after a game . Additionally the referee will mail or fax the report, the Cup Game Form, and the rosters of both teams to  WYSL 32 Elm Place, Rye, NY 10580  or  FAX 914-235-5323 or email scans to


Any unusual events or serious accidents must be reported to the Cup by the referee and by the team coach or manager.


Referee Fails to Appear. If the assigned center referee fails to appear for a match, an AR will officiate the game and the second AR (if present) becomes AR1. Club linespersons will be used for the sidelines. If none of the assigned referees appear, the game is postponed.  


Club Linespersons shall only be responsible for indicating when the ball goes over the touch line, by raising the flag; direction shall not be indicated, nor should any other calls be signaled. Club Linespersons shall not call off sides or have any other function.

Contact WYSL:
Phone: (914) 235-5110
Fax: (914) 235-5323
Office Location:
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