Rules Summary

Girls and Boys – U11 to U19 - Rules Summary

Four-team Group Play on Saturdays in fall 2017 and spring 2018. All teams guaranteed 3 games.

Playoffs: 2 or 3 games in spring 2018 in each age/gender group to select the Champion.

Preliminary Cup dates: 2017: 9/23, 10/21, 11/18;  2018: 3/17, 4/14, 4/28, 5/12, 5/19, 6/2, 6/9.

Cup winners will qualify for the US Club Regional tournament with free entry fee into the regionals.

Open to any team from a WYSL club or a team based in Westchester, Rockland, Bronx, Manhattan, or western Fairfield CT (Norwalk and west), and teams as approved by the WYSL. Clubs may form Cup teams with players from more than one US Club travel team in their club.

U14 and younger teams register by July 15, 2017 (u15 and high school teams by Jan. 15, 2018) with a preliminary US Club Cup roster with a minimum of 9 players (u11 and u12) or 11 players (u13+) and a maximum of 26. The oldest player on a team determines the age group. All players and coaches must have US Club passes for that club. The WYSL will make US Club passes for a fee. A player may only be on one Cup roster. The player roster freezes on the Friday before the first game of the competition A coach may coach more than one team from a single club with a pass from that club. A coach may have passes and teams from more than one club.

Fees: u11,12, (9v9 2x30 min): $275; u13/14 - 2x35 min, u15/16 – 2x40 min, u17/18 – 2x45 min: $300.

Games will be scheduled by the home team in consultation with the away team and played on the published Cup Saturdays starting between 9 and 5:30. Teams must be available to play on Cup Saturdays.  On request, the Cup may allow a game to be played on another day agreed to by both teams on or before the next Saturday. Once scheduled a game does not move for other than exceptional reasons and only with the approval of the Cup.

All matches will have a 3-referee crew paid on the field by the teams except for the finals which will be paid by the Cup.  Matches will start on time.                      

The group stage is a 3 game, round-robin competition within four-team groups in a division. In the fall, u14 and younger teams play two group games with the remainder of the group games and all playoff games played in the spring. U15 and high school teams play all games in spring.  In the group stage, a game can be a tie.

Group Points are awarded: win 3, tie 1, loss 0. There is a tie break procedure. Group winners plus 2nd  place teams advance to the playoffs. The playoff stage is a knock-out competition, with overtime, and PKs.

All participants (players, coaches, spectators, officials) are expected to behave in a sporting manner and to show respect for the game. Poor behavior will be disciplined by the Cup. 

All teams, coaches, and referees must follow Concussion Management and concussion guidelines as defined and recommended by both US Club Soccer and US Soccer including “Return to Play”.  Heading is prohibited in the fall for u12 and younger players and for u11 and younger in the spring. Uniforms with logos require approval by the Cup administration.

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