Spectators, Others

Behavior and Responsibility. The home team and home club are responsible for crowd control. Failure to provide control and safety to referees, players, coaches and spectators shall be grounds for disciplinary action by the Cup. However, each member team is responsible for anyone affiliated or associated with that team on and off the field, in all matters.


Position. All spectators must be on the side of the field opposite to the teams and no one may sit or stand behind either goal, unless – in either case – they are seated in stands. The referee may make exceptions for press, photographers, or officials. The home team will have the choice of the team side.


Entering the Field. No club official, club member, team manager, adult supervisor, player, or spectator may enter the field of play regardless of the circumstances, unless they have been given permission by the referee. Violators shall become subject to disciplinary actions by the Cup.


Attendance. A spectator, coach, or team official placed on suspension or banned from a game may not be present at the site of a match nor participate in any way.  Failure to observe this restriction will result in further discipline by the Cup.  A suspended player may be present at games on the bench but out of uniform and may participate in team practices.  

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