The Field

The permitted field size is given in the chart above. All lines shall be as per FIFA rules.


Team Area. The team area shall extend from 10 yards on each side of the halfway line (equal with the end of the center circle) for a distance of 20 yards. Coaches, players, and substitutes shall stay within the team area. The area at midfield is for waiting substitutes.


Home Responsibility. The designated home team is responsible for the size and condition of a field assigned to a Cup game, the proper marking and the installation of corner flags, goals and goal nets as described in IFAB/FIFA’s Laws of the Game. If the referee determines that the field is not playable (except for weather), the home team will forfeit.


The home team coach or field coordinator is responsible for confirming the availability and condition of the field in advance of the match. In the event of bad weather or other field problem, the home team’s club official, after inspection of the field, must notify the Cup no less than 2 hours before the start time of the match if field conditions require that the match be postponed.


If the reasons for the loss of the field were *within* the control of the team and/or club, including but not limited to site double booking, field locked, the home team will be responsible for the full referee fees and the match will be either be a forfeit or rescheduled at the visiting team's site. 


Notification of Postponement. As soon as possible after a game is postponed, the club must notify the away team, the Cup, the referee assignor and (if possible) the referees. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit as well as full referee costs. If there is any doubt that everyone has been informed, the club must post someone at the field from 30 minutes before the scheduled start to 15 minutes after to inform the referees and any players.


In any postponement or rescheduling, the Cup must be informed. Primary responsibility for rescheduling rests with the home team. If the two teams in question cannot agree on a rescheduling date and time, the home team will give two reasonable times on the next Saturday and the away team will choose. If the teams do not set a date/time, the Cup may declare a forfeit or double forfeit, or take other action.


Teams Must Appear. If there is no notification of a field pull within two hours of the match, regardless of the weather, the teams must plan to appear at the match site, ready to play at the scheduled time. They may however receive notice from the home club official en route that the field has been pulled. At the field, the Referee is the only person authorized to cancel the match.


Termination by the Referee. If the match is terminated by the Referee for reasons of bad weather, poor field conditions, or darkness, before the second half begins, the entire game must be replayed unless otherwise determined by the Cup.


If the referee terminates the match for any other reason, the Cup will decide whether the game should be a completed, forfeited, or replayed.


No Postponement or Changes by Teams. Under no circumstances will a coach, team manager or any other club representative change a scheduled match without permission from the Cup. Should this occur, both teams will forfeit the match and will be responsible for their share of the referee and associated assignor fees.


If there is a last minute change to a match site; the home team must place a person at the original site to direct the Referee(s) and the visiting team to the new field.

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