The Match

Confirm Date/Time/Field. The visiting team coach/manager shall confirm with the home coach/manager the date/time/field location and any useful particulars about traffic or access.


Exchange contact information. The manager shall also exchange cell numbers to communicate in case of bad weather, a field pull, or other problem (traffic, etc.).


Requirements. A team must have the minimum number of properly equipped and carded players to start the match. The team must present to the referee two copies of the approved Cup roster. Failure to have the appropriate player passes, coach passes, or an official team lineup form will result in a 0-3 forfeit by the team. 


Start Time. If possible, matches should start on time. There is a 15 minute grace period to allow for the minimum number of players, cards, roster, or the coach to arrive. Any team not ready to play by 15 minutes from the scheduled start or from the end of a prior match (whichever is later) will forfeit and a 0-3 loss reported for that team.  


If, at the scheduled time for the match, the minimum number of players is present, the match will start. There is no grace period to wait for additional players to arrive at the game.


Score Reporting. Both teams are responsible for reporting the score of the game within 36 hrs.


Team or Teams Do Not Appear. If a team does not appear for a scheduled match without an adequate reason, it will be given a forfeit 0-3 loss, removed from the Cup competition, and will not advance to the knock-out stage.


A team which cannot get to the match but notifies the opponent and the Cup of an accident, act of God, or weather delay will have the situation reviewed by the Cup to make a decision.


If only one team appears, that team will submit the Game Roster to the referee, line up with the minimum number of players, and kick off. The team that does not appear will be given a 0-3 loss and will be responsible for the ref and assigner fees.


If both teams fail to appear for a scheduled match and the field is playable, both teams will be given a forfeit. Each team will pay their share of the referee fees.


Team Responsibility to Play. If a team refuses to play after being so instructed by the Referee, the team will forfeit the game, 0-3.


Any team directly responsible for the stopping play at any time during the match due to poor sportsmanship toward the referee, opposing fans or opposing players will be given a 0-3 forfeit and potentially other penalties as determined by the Cup.


Illegal Player. If a team is discovered to have knowingly used an illegal player, any game(s) with that player will be declared 0-3 forfeits, the team will not advance to the playoff stage, and additional sanctions may be imposed including suspension of the player, suspension of the coach, a fine up to $1000, expulsion from the competition.


An Illegal player shall mean any player who does not have a valid, unexpired and age appropriate US Club soccer player pass, who is falsely playing in a lower age group, who is listed on more than one Cup roster, who is serving a suspension, or who is otherwise ineligible.


Forfeit Fee. All forfeits will trigger a $200 fine.

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