Become a USSF Certified Soccer Referee

Becoming a USSF Certified Soccer Referee

There are a number of upcoming beginner referee courses.    The pay is terrific, especially as refs usually do 2 or 3 games at a time.  And you select when you are available….see the money here.

There are two different entry level courses to choose from, Level 8 and Level 9.  Although one may start at Level 8, we recommend starting with the shorter, Level 9 course (especially for teenagers) and considering upgrading later to Level 8 (which comes at no extra cost).

Grade Level 9 Courses:

Course  #       Date                            Time                          Location

27150                        Mon. Feb. 18              9 to 5                          Larchmont Temple

Grade Level 8 Courses:

Course  #       Date                            Time                          Location

27146              Sat. Mar. 2                  9 to 5                        Yorktown Town Hall

                        Sun. Mar. 3                 9 to 5

Registration for courses is through Game Officials here.


For help with registration procedures click here.  It is bit outdated, but you should be able to follow, and please enter district #9 when asked.

Upon completing a course, the student receives a uniform package consisting of 2 shirts, shorts, stockings, whistle, line flags, yellow/red card data wallet and a carrying bag, as well as USSF registration for 2019 plus WSRO membership dues, an on-field mentoring session at travel league games, all part of the fee. 




Level 9 course fee is $180.00.  Level 8 course fee is $210.  You will reimbursed $85 once you officiate 10 WYSL games in the Spring season of 2019.  One must be 14 years of age by the start of the course. The WYSL plans to only assign (center) referees 15 years and older at the start of the upcoming spring season, but 14 year-olds will find plenty of assignments as Assistant Referees (line), our affiliated recreation leagues and tournaments which we supply.  Grade 9 refs may ref games, u-8 up through u-14 although the ref must be two years older than the teams he or she is reffing. 




Course Descriptions:

The Level 9 course: The course consists of 7-8 hours of classroom work. The Level 8 course is more comprehensive and consists of 13+ hours in class.

Everyone (in both courses) starts with the Entry Level online module, which consists of the 17 Laws of the game. After successfully completing each of the laws, the student is ready to move on to the classroom portion of the course.  Referees become members of our association (Westchester Soccer Referee Organization, no dues the first year) where they attend clinics, get mentored, etc.

Information: or   or 914 472-3196

Please ignore if you are already registered.