League Scheduler's Notes


Westchester Youth Soccer League
Fall 2009
Notes from the Scheduler to all club presidents and field coordinators.
Scheduling WYSL games gets harder with more teams. To be able to continue to provide the order and fairness which you enjoy and which the league wants, please read these notes. If you’ve read it before, READ IT AGAIN! It changes.
Fill out the league Field Form completely and get it in early. Only use this form. Include ALL the information on the field form as though it was never said before.
Be clear about unavailable and available dates and times, make sure they stay available, find out about changes.
Tell us how much use is preferred for your fields and the order of use. (e.g. "Turf field – use as much as possible.”, "use as little as possible", "younger kids only", “use in this order”, "two games only", “U11s”, etc.) Tell us which fields are preferable for which age groups.
If there are “political” issues with fields (e.g. “the girls never get the good field!”) or town issues, find out what they are and then tell us. YOU are responsible for dealing with your town and local groups.
Get the “right” field space. There is a pattern to the schedule. Because younger children have religious commitments, U12, 11, 10, and 9 only play after noon. U13s can start at 11:30, U14s no earlier than 11am, HS teams generally play early (often 9am). Fields available at the wrong time for the age of your teams will not be used.
Get enough field space. Press your field provider (town, city, school, etc) to give you time. Get families to pressure the town for fields. If you lose home games, complain to the town. The league requires 1 field for every 6 teams, i.e. one field with 4 game slots per day for every six teams. (See average below) For an 11v11 field that means from 9am and preferably until sunset (not just 5pm!). For small sided, it’s noon to sunset. Especially in fall we need time all the time we can get. Teams lose home games when their club has less field space. Keep pushing your town to build fields.
No singletons. Space for single games does not help. It won’t be used. Referees do not want to cover singletons.
Day. All scheduled WYSL league games are on Sunday. Make up, TBS, and Premier games may be on other days.
Time. Games never start before 9am nor after 5pm (with rare exceptions). 8am and evening time will not be used.
The time slots for U9/U10, are 1 hr 15 min, for U11/12: 1:30, for U13/U14; 1:45, and for hs: 2 hr. These slots have about 15 minutes spare to allow for problems with field setup or a grace period. We need at least 6 hours for four 11v11 games ‑ more with U13/14 and HS teams.
Each weekend, for every six teams in your club, on average three will be home but it will often be four or two. That’s why we need four slots for every six teams. Exactly half each Sunday is not possible or very, very difficult.
If the WYSL does not completely use your field space, give time back to the town after the schedule is final.
Special Requests and General Requests. Special scheduling needs, e.g. coach co-ordinations, weddings, religious classes, “early as possible”, “after 1:30”, etc., take a lot of time. Be clear and be reasonable. High school teams must be prepared to play early games. Younger teams will play later games. With the exception of away state cup games, showcase tournaments, ODP tryouts and high school championships, games may not be postponed, but times can be set within the limits for age group play to minimize conflicts. Put requests for the whole season on the Field Form or send them by email ASAP.
Unless a request is received before the Preliminary Schedule is finished (roughly a month before the season), it will not be considered. Each season some teams make late requests and are unhappy when that request won’t be honored. Once the Prelim is out, it’s too late for new requests no matter how important.
The league only coordinates team schedules for a head coach of two teams. (We don’t allow one head coach on three teams and we don’t coordinate for assistants, trainers, co-head coaches, or anyone else.) Please accept that coaches may have little time to get between games. If there’s a problem with a timely request, let the scheduler know.
Clubs with single teams (single 11v11 or single small sided) are guaranteed only three home games. If you get more, be happy! Small clubs that can share fields are advised to do so. Make suggestions. 
Check the Prelim, the Final and the Web Schedule thoroughly when they come out.
Don’t enter a team and then “try” to put it together. If there aren’t enough players for a team – do not enter it. We want every kid to play, but the disruption from dropping out (worse once the schedule is done and the season started) is horrible! If a team forms late, ask if there is room. Extra work to get a team in so the kids can play is OK. Extra work for teams that drop is not. 
Communicate by email. Phone calls leave no trail. With email, you have a record of what you said. Use cc’s to make sure everyone who needs to know does know.
Copy the scheduler on all schedule emails to the League: terrybenson@nyc.rr.com.  Do not call! 
Make sure your club and teams update the contact information and “notify on game changes” emails on the web site.
Teams must check the web for changes and call their opponent each week in midweek. Except for last minute issues, the web is the authority. Teams must maintain their team contact addresses. 
Read the League book especially about make up games (TBA), TBS games, and changes. Lee handles all non-Sunday games. The scheduler handles Sunday. Premier teams have to keep both Lee and me informed.
 Game Changes. Notify the League and the Scheduler as soon as you know of a problem with any game including state cup or Premier games. If time allows, a change notice will go out from the league website.
 Once a game is scheduled (except as below) clubs may NOT change a game time or assigned field on their own for any reason and the League will not approve changes for other reasons (e.g. birthdays, Fathers Day, last minute coach conflicts, “it’s a better field”). This includes all regular games, TBS games, and scheduled make up games.
 A game can only be postponed for field pulls, away State Cup games, ODP tryouts, showcase tournaments, and other rare soccer conflicts approved by the League.
 With a last minute field pull (field changes which happen after the close of business on Friday), the home club may switch to another field if the start time will be within half an hour of the original time. For any larger time change or a switch to the away team’s field, the two teams must agree and (if possible) notify the League and the ref assignor. If teams can get a game played despite a field pull, they should do so.
Help. Last (but not least) do you have any suggestions regarding the scheduling? League and Scheduler control may appear restricting but they also reduce the gamesmanship and chaos that other leagues experience in schedules. Given that most clubs need more fields and that daylight and weather are not under scheduler control, how were things last season compared to previous ones? What can be reasonably improved in the overall schedule or in using your fields and scheduling your teams? Reply to terrybenson@nyc.rr.com, FAX 212‑769‑0838, 617 West End Ave #9A, NY, NY 10024.
Thanks for your help. As the old hands know, it takes a whole soccer village to make a good league.
Terry Benson,
League Scheduler