WYSL Spring 2014 Preliminary Schedule Notes

Spring 2014 Preliminary Schedule - notes

WYSL teams
Spring, warmth and daylight and a new season.  
Here is a link to download the Revised PRELIMINARY Schedule for the Westchester Youth Soccer League Spring 2014  as of March 16th.
Although this is more complete. PLEASE, do not make solid plans based on this schedule. There will be still be more changes before the FINAL. Make sure your teams know that. Only about half of the clubs have responded.
The percentage of teams with shared coaches continues to grow - now over 45%. And there are the usual requests. I managed most of the requests but, in many cases, the coaches will have just barely enough time to get from whistle to whistle.
Advance warning to organizers and coaches: I will not be able to manage this level of coordination and requests in the fall.
Below is your TO DO list. Many of you are veterans at this. Everyone please read carefully . It will answer many questions you and your teams will have. Don't ask a question until you have read the entire email. 
If there's really a confusion, ask. I make mistakes. I am not always clear. We all want this schedule to be correct. It's a community task which will make our life as organizers easier and the kids life on the field more fun.
* * *
Your job:
Check the schedule and -  within a week - by Wednesday March 19th  - email me any mistakes you find. There are always mistakes. I can't avoid them...  and it makes you look.   ;-)      Get others in your club to help.
There will be changes to adjust field usage and to correct for last minute problems. If you have suggestions for better use of your fields without changing game times, tell me. I like suggestions. 
Everyone, send your responses to me by email *as you see things*. Don't wait. It's a rolling correction process.
Do NOT send any new schedule requests no matter how important. (Coach coordination, wedding day, problem with early games, etc.) You had time to get me requests. The prelim is done, it's too late. Remember earlier.  There are some league exceptions which allow games to be postponed or changed. Refer to the league booklet. If you told me about a religious or school event, make the formal request to the league. 
If you made a request about a particular day and I missed it or messed it up, *tell me!!*   Emails vanish and fixing one problem can cause another. Don't assume the mistake is unavoidable. (I'll tell you if it is.)  Ask me, please.
ALL single day requests should be good. I know they can be important. I spend more time on requests than on setting the fixtures (not including gathering information beforehand and all the emails). Don't suffer in silence if you think I made a mistake.
All general requests (prefer early, prefer late, avoid mornings, etc.) should be 80% or better. That was hard enough. If I missed the 80%  level, tell me. Older teams wanting to play late will not be happy. To use the morning field time, U14, U13 and older teams often have to play before noon. If you have a coach coordination AND a general time request, don't be surprised if the time request is missed. The coach coords are difficult.
I hope I handled the requests which are truly important for getting the teams on the field. Clubs getting extra fields and fields "until dark" helped.
Often your coach will have to leave a game immediately and will have barely enough time to arrive just before the start of the next game (only half an hour or 45 minutes - within a town sometimes just 15). S/he will often not have time for a post game or pre-game talk. This is the best I can do. There were a couple which I couldn't manage.
Please plan for backup coverage of your professional coaches. You'll need assistant coaches to warm up the teams, set the lineup, and possibly start the game with the coach driving into the parking lot. (And please tell them to drive carefully. Getting to the game is what matters.)
I use Google Maps.  Check there first. If I haven't allowed enough time to get from whistle to whistle, let me know. But I may still say  "I'm sorry".
For clubs with little field space (you know who you are), get me more so I can adjust game times to fit the coach needs and give you more home games.For clubs who gave extra space and time, thank you very much.
* * *
Please check for your team, see if the games are there, check the fields and field restrictions. Make sure all your teams are there too. (It has happened.) Note any gaps or overlaps in the schedule. Check your requests!
PREMIER Teams and clubs. Please check your Sunday schedule including any coach coordinations. The erratic nature of your schedule makes it tough for me to track. If I left out a Sunday premier game, TELL ME so I can get it on the schedule. I have not had time to include all the premier games which have set times. I will add them later.
The final schedule will be done before the league meeting on Tuesday 1 April.  
* * *
NOTES:  Some divisions have 10 game schedules (6, 8, and 11 team divisions). Some have only 9 games (10 and 9 team divisions) and will NOT be scheduled for June 22nd. Keep your families ready to play that day!!! You may need it for makeup games.
I count 716 teams (not including those playing some form of premier league). The schedule includes 3698 games including "byes" and Sunday premier games included to keep track of field use and referees.
There are 45 "TBS" games for teams in divisions with an odd number of teams to make up for the byes or to finish the round robin in 11 team divisions. The TBS games MUST be played during the season.  They are not optional. Schedule them with your opponent like a make up game. Play them early in the season.
There are some TBA games when neither team had enough field space for the game. If you can find a field, tell me. Get them scheduled and played sometime.
The number of home and away games is pretty balanced. But some clubs with tight field space have fewer home games.
* * *
When finalized the schedule will be uploaded to the league website and will be available division by division or club by club. 
* * *
NOTE: Only you can thoroughly check this schedule. Mistakes will cost you in lost time, disappointed kids, and annoyed parents. We need dozens of good eyes looking for mistakes. It takes a whole soccer community to create and run a good league. 
Thanks for reading all the way to here and thanks for your help!
Terry Benson
WYSL Scheduler