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  Joe Paresi   H: 914-643-5251     EMAIL 
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  Mike Saoni   H: 609-868-9103     EMAIL 
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    FC Westchester B88 Schedule MR: Match Report

    April 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    120 Sun Apr 2 11:30 am FC Westchester B88 6:1 Carmel Blue Arsenal SUNY Purchase G
    Scheduler: Field change from Great Lawn
    518 Sun Apr 9 4:00 pm Washingtonville Gunners 1:3 FC Westchester B88 Shaw Road Fields Field
    838 Sun Apr 30 12:00 pm FC Westchester B88 0:2 Manhattan Freedom SUNY Purchase Great Lawn
    Scheduler: Changed time for ref coverage to close gap created by premier forfeit.
    May 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1086 Sun May 7 1:15 pm FC Westchester B88 2:3 LaGrange Red Devils SUNY Purchase C
    1276 Sun May 14 2:00 pm Carmel Blue Arsenal 4:7 FC Westchester B88 Carmel HS - 296
    Scheduler: Changed field from Boyce.
    1539 Sun May 21 9:00 am Eastchester Patriots B89 0:3 FC Westchester B88 Eastchester HS Turf
    June 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1791 Sun Jun 4 10:00 am FC Westchester B88 4:1 Edgemont The Panthers SUNY Purchase C
    2028 Sun Jun 11 2:00 pm FC Westchester B88 4:2 Washingtonville Gunners SUNY Purchase C
    2261 Sun Jun 18 LaGrange Red Devils 1:0 FOR FC Westchester B88
    Scheduler: Forfeit by FC88. Teams do not need to appear.
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