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  Seth Novatt   H: 914-723-8787     EMAIL 
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    Scarsdale Jaguars Schedule MR: Match Report

    April 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    271 Sun Apr 2 1:15 pm Scarsdale Jaguars 0:1 FOR LaGrange Nightmares Scarsdale Scout Field
    464 Sun Apr 9 3:00 pm Philipstown Lady Knights 1:0 FOR Scarsdale Jaguars Saint Basil Academy Small
    980 Sun Apr 30 11:00 am Scarsdale Jaguars 1:2 Briarcliff Blaze Butler Field Scarsdale HS Turf
    May 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1220 Sun May 7 1:00 pm Scarsdale Jaguars 2:2 Fireballs Quaker Ridge Back
    Scheduler: Changed field from Butler
    1414 Sun May 14 9:00 am Pelham Panthers 2:0 Scarsdale Jaguars Glover - Pelham HS Field
    1621 Sun May 21 Manhattan Spirit 1:0 FOR Scarsdale Jaguars
    Scheduler: Forfeit in advance by Scarsdale (players).
    June 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1903 Sun Jun 4 4:00 pm Putnam Utd Panthers 6:2 Scarsdale Jaguars Lakeview ES Field
    2043 Sun Jun 11 vs Scarsdale Jaguars
    740 Sun Jun 18 4:45 pm Scarsdale Jaguars 6:3 Carmel Patriots Scarsdale Scout Field
    Scheduler: Field pull. Changed time and field.
    - has been revised in last seven days, - has been revised since Mar 23  (current as of 8/21/13 9:37 pm)