Harrison Buzzards (Fall 2006)

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  Jeff Carton   H: 914-683-6760     EMAIL 
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  Jeff Hochman   H: 914-630-2772     EMAIL 
B 09-W
. Briarcliff Lightning
. Edgemont Gunners
. Edgemont Valiant
. Harrison Attack
. Harrison Buzzards
. Mamaroneck United
. Riverdale Man United
. Rye Revolution
. Yonkers Utd Rush Celtic

Harrison Buzzards Schedule MR: Match Report

September 2006
GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
78 Sun Sep 10 3:45 pm Edgemont Gunners vs Harrison Buzzards Edgemont HS Upper
82 Sun Sep 17 1:15 pm Harrison Buzzards vs Rye Revolution Purchase ES Field
89 Sun Sep 24 4:30 pm Riverdale Man United vs Harrison Buzzards Seton Park Field
October 2006
GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
72 Sun Oct 8 1:15 pm Harrison Attack vs Harrison Buzzards Purchase ES Field
Scheduler: TBS game
97 Sun Oct 15 1:15 pm Harrison Buzzards vs Harrison Attack LM Klein MS Crystal St.
Scheduler: Field pull. Changed field.
110 Sun Oct 29 3:45 pm Harrison Buzzards vs Briarcliff Lightning Purchase ES Field
November 2006
GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
114 Sun Nov 5 12:00 pm Harrison Buzzards vs Yonkers Utd Rush Celtic Purchase ES Field
117 Sun Nov 12 2:30 pm Edgemont Valiant vs Harrison Buzzards Greenville ES Edgemont Field
95 Sat Nov 18 3:00 pm Harrison Buzzards vs FP Mamaroneck United Purchase ES Field
Scheduler: reschedule of 10/1 game
- has been revised in last seven days, - has been revised since Sep 5  (current as of 4/24/15 11:52 pm)