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  Don Moriarty   H: 914-793-6918     EMAIL 
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  Richard Whitney   H: 914-260-8187     EMAIL 
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    G 10-S
    . Chappaqua Wildfire
    . Eastchester Avengers
    . FC Briarcliff Shooting Stars
    . Pelham Pistils
    . Riverdale Lions
    . Scarsdale Strikers

    Eastchester Avengers Schedule MR: Match Report

    September 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1188 Sun Sep 10 1:15 pm FC Briarcliff Shooting Stars vs Eastchester Avengers Todd ES Field
    1192 Sun Sep 17 1:15 pm Riverdale Lions vs Eastchester Avengers Seton Park Field
    October 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1199 Sun Oct 1 2:30 pm Eastchester Avengers vs Pelham Pistils Bronxville Scout Upper
    1201 Sun Oct 15 2:30 pm Chappaqua Wildfire vs Eastchester Avengers West Orchard ES field
    1205 Sun Oct 22 1:15 pm Eastchester Avengers vs FC Briarcliff Shooting Stars Bronxville Scout Upper
    1207 Sun Oct 29 2:30 pm Eastchester Avengers vs Riverdale Lions TBA *
    Scheduler: Anticipating rain, Greenvale-Eastchester pulled. Check away club for Sun space.
    November 2006
    GAME# Date Time Home MR Away Location
    1209 Sun Nov 5 1:15 pm Scarsdale Strikers vs Eastchester Avengers Crossways 5
    1212 Sun Nov 12 1:30 pm Pelham Pistils vs Eastchester Avengers Prospect Hill ES Field
    1195 Sat Nov 18 2:30 pm Eastchester Avengers vs FP Scarsdale Strikers Greenvale ES - Eastchester Field
    Scheduler: reschedule of 9/24 game (10/28 FP)
    1216 Sun Nov 19 12:00 pm Eastchester Avengers vs Chappaqua Wildfire Greenvale ES - Eastchester Field
    - has been revised in last seven days, - has been revised since Sep 5  (current as of 8/30/14 4:57 am)