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  Eric Soderlund   M: 646-932-1022     EMAIL 
  Patricia Dsupin   H: 914-833-9813     EMAIL 
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    GP: Games Played; SP-LAST: Most recent sporting ratings SP-AV: Average sporting ratings Y: Total Cautions; R: Total Expulsions
    . FC Somers Silver G06 8 4 4.67 00
    . Larchmont Blue Tigers 8 6 5.80 00
    . Larchmont Yellow Tigers 8 5 4.83 00
    . New York Rush Patriots 2006 East 8 6 5.71 00
    . Scarsdale Blue Santos 8 6 5.67 00

    Larchmont Blue Tigers Schedule

    April 2014
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    1410348 Sun Apr 6 2:30 pm Scarsdale Blue Santos vs Larchmont Blue Tigers Greenacres ES 1
    1410782 Sun Apr 13 New York Rush Patriots 2006 East vs FOR Larchmont Blue Tigers
    Scheduler: Forfeit by New York Rush (players). Teams do not need to appear.
    1410871 Sun Apr 27 4:00 pm FC Somers Silver G06 vs Larchmont Blue Tigers Reis Park Upper Right #1
    May 2014
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    1411297 Sun May 4 12:00 pm Larchmont Yellow Tigers vs Larchmont Blue Tigers Flint Park Front
    1412046 Sun May 18 1:15 pm Larchmont Blue Tigers vs Scarsdale Blue Santos Flint Park Front
    June 2014
    GAME# Date Time Home   Away Location
    1412439 Sun Jun 1 2:30 pm Larchmont Blue Tigers vs New York Rush Patriots 2006 East Lorenzen Park Field
    1412814 Sun Jun 8 1:15 pm Larchmont Blue Tigers vs FC Somers Silver G06 Lorenzen Park Field
    1413173 Sun Jun 15 10:45 am Larchmont Blue Tigers vs Larchmont Yellow Tigers Hommocks MS 2
    Scheduler: Lorenzen pulled. Teams please confirm that this time works for the derby. Else game is TBA or (since it's u8) GNP.
    1413481 Sun Jun 22 Larchmont Blue Tigers vs zzz - BYE - zzz
    1411677 Sun Jun 22 5:00 pm Larchmont Blue Tigers vs Harrison Stars Flint Park Front
    Scheduler: Rescheduled from field pull TBA.
    - has been revised in last seven days, - has been revised since Mar 27  (current as of 8/30/14 5:53 pm)