Westchester Youth Soccer League and At Peak Sports

Westchester Youth Soccer League and At Peak Sports form an alliance to promote better athletic training and to combat youth sports injury

Westchester Youth Soccer League and AT PEAK have teamed up to Improve Performance and Reduce Injuries

We all want our kids to be physically active and sports are a great way to do that. And sports teach valuable life lessons like team work, dedication and resilience. But we are all concerned about youth sports injuries. In fact, the US Soccer Medical Symposium stated that every year, 22% of young soccer players get injured. 

That’s where AtPeakSports (www.atpeaksports.com) can help. AT PEAK is a youth sports fitness app, developed with medical professionals and professional athletes, with exercise workouts based on medical studies that show a 50% reduction in injuries.

WYSL is providing AT PEAK to all coaches and parents and youth soccer players for FREE. Just watch for information about AT PEAK as you register for the Fall season and encourage your kids to use it. They will play better, with fewer injuries. 

Go to https://app.atpeaksports.com/signup/league/westchester-youth-soccer-league for more information. 

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