Games at the Village of Pleasantville

Updated: Per the policy set forth by the Board of the Village of Pleasantville, every person (i.e., coaches, players, and spectators) is required to wear a mask while on a Pleasantville field.   Please note that this includes players on the field of play during the game.  

Referees are exempt from the rule requiring masks on the field of play as are players that have a medical exemption which indicates they cannot use a mask while playing.   Each team is responsible for monitoring which of its players has a valid medical exemption.  

These rules supersede the guidelines promulgated by the WYSL.                                  

All matches played on the Pleasantville fields will be played in quarters. If you are the visiting team and have a home field that’s available, you can ask the Pleasantville team if they would like to change game locations. It will be up to the Pleasantville team to accept or decline such an offer and any change in venue will be subject to the approval of the League Scheduler.