How do I close my fields?

Field Pulls Procedures:


A. General:  Fields can be pulled by the field owner or field authority either before or during a game OR by the referee at the field if s/he determines that the field is not safe for play.  If a field is pulled, the game is postponed. (See postponements below.)

But, in all cases, the teams and clubs should try to find an alternate field and play on the scheduled day if possible.


B. Early Field Pull:  If a field is pulled before close of business on Friday, the home club is to inform the League Scheduler and League office.  The League Scheduler will note the field pull on the website and emails will go out to the clubs, teams, and referee assignor(s).


The club/team may suggest to the League Scheduler alternative fields. The League Scheduler may suggest alternatives or that the teams should try to find a field.


C. Late Field Pull   (NEW!)

(a) If a field is pulled or game forfeited after COB on Friday:


All Saturday game pulls/forfeits/changes done by the field authority are is to be emailed to Loretta Sanin and Lee D'Argenio at: and  Any change after 11:30 am and later on Saturdays is to be emailed directly to the Ref Assignor at: and copied to the league (


All Sunday pulls/forfeits/changes done by the field authority are to be emailed to Lee D'Argenio and Loretta Sanin at: and  Any change after 11:30 am on Sunday or later is to be emailed directly to the Ref Assignor at and copied to the league (

The games will be updated on Demosphere and refs automatically notified that the games are canceled or moved.


(b) The home team has the responsibility to notify the visiting teams of the field pull by phone or by an exchange of texts or emails. If unable to reach the visiting team or to confirm that they know the field is pulled, a club member must remain at the original field from 30 minutes prior to game time until 15 minutes after game time to inform the visiting team of the change of filed or postponement.

(Note that late notifications between teams require communication by cell phone or acknowledgment that a text message was received. Sending an email is not sufficient.)


(c) Late Field Pull rescheduling: The responsibility for getting the game rescheduled and played shifts to the teams/clubs with all late field pulls. It is best to find an alternate field on the scheduled day and play the game.


Failure to abide by these rules will result in a fine of $50 per offending team being assessed against the club.


Online Field Closings 


Google Document:


Field pulls after COB on Friday must also be entered on our Google Doc online form. Please be sure to update this form immediately after you have been notified accessed through your club's admin site.