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"TBA" games are games where there was no field available to schedule a game or when a game is postponed for a field pull, weather, ref decision, or with league permission. 

"TBS" games are different. 

Divisions with an odd number of teams (5,7,9,11) will have byes - Sundays where one team will not have an opponent. To make up for those byes, we add "TBS Games" to the schedule. 

TBS games must be scheduled by mutual agreement of the teams and played before the end of the season on June 19th. You will find them at the bottom of the schedule with the "placeholder" date of 6/26 - the Sunday after the season is over.  Play them any time by 6/19.  

You must set the date/time/field for the TBS games by the end of April so we have a complete schedule. 

Get this done early!  The teams must try to find a mutually agreeable time to play; but, if they can't agree, the home team proposes two reasonable, different, Saturday dates with times and the away team picks the least bad or forfeits. We hate forfeits.  

Teams need to be prepared to play some Saturdays for TBA, TBS and makeup games. We expect teams to be flexible and reasonable, but we know from experience that teams can sometimes go back and forth for two months looking for agreement and fail. That's not ok either. 

If you have a TBS game in your schedule, get it set. Do not let these open games linger until June. They often become double forfeits and the kids, the teams, and the clubs suffer.