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Staff Registration - Background Check

Registration, Membership and Certification of US Club Soccer staff Members Fall 2020 

WYSL Coaches and staff members: you will not be allowed to coach, manage, or be on a team roster until you complete this process.  You need to know when your old certification expires. Ask your registrar if you don’t know.  There are four steps (Staff Eligibility Timeframes), all required by US Club 


If your current membership expires on 7/31/2021, do the SafeSport training and upload a current certificate. See #4 below under SafeSport.  

If your current membership expired on 7/31/2020 or you are new, do everything. 


1. Register as a member. Done once.  (Usually completed by the club/organization’s registrar on behalf of the individual being registered). Have your membership ID and password. 

2. Pass a Background Screening. Every two years.  Use this link US Club Soccer Background Screening Application to complete and pay for (via credit card $18) the background screening.  

a.   On the certification under “Club” choose “WYSL – Westchester Youth Soccer League” as your club (at bottom of the Club pulldown menu).  DO NOT TYPE IN ANYTHING or you will not be credited! 

b.  Watch your e-mails for questions about your application. You will get a confirmation when the screening has been completed.  You do not need to upload or forward or call the league.

c.  Your club registrar can tell you if your background check has expired and confirm if you have been cleared.  The process can take up to ten days.  This background check will be good for any affiliated US Club league/club for up to 2 years. 

3.    Take the Sideline Sports Doc (SSD) Training. Every two years at the same time as the background check. Go to Training Program to take the training and pay $5 via credit card.  You will receive a certificate by email as an attachment.  Save the certificate on your computer. Then upload the certificate to this link:  Sideline Sports Doc Training Verification Form.  


4.  Take the SafeSport Training or a refresher training.  Every year. Free. Send an email to to get an auto-reply email with a link, a U.S. Soccer access code, and instructions to take the required SafeSport online training course. You will create a SafeSport account. After completion save the certificate to your computer as a file and then upload the file to this link:  SafeSport Training Verification Form.  

If you took the SafeSport course in a prior year, you must take a refresher course. In a year when your background check is still good, you must still take a refresher and upload a current certificate. 

5. Disqualification. The US Club Soccer staff will verify that you have not been disqualified or suspended. No action is needed by the person being registered.

Here is a link for the US Club Instructions for US Club Soccer Staff Registration.  

Note: COVID-19-related court closures may cause delays with some background screening results. Please check this NCSI web page for more information and a list of affected courts.

Should you experience an issue with the clickable links above you may copy paste the URL’s below into your browser:

Sideline Sports Doc Training:

Sideline Sports Doc Training Verification Form [upload certificate]: 

Email for SafeSport Instructions:

SafeSport Training Verification Form [upload certificate]: 

US Club Soccer Background Screening Application:

US Club Soccer Staff Registration

Eligibility Timeframes:

Who Must Register:

NCSI web page for COVID-19 related court closures:

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