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The Preliminary Seedings for the WYSL’s Fall 2015 season are complete.  We want to thank all Club Officials, Team Coaches and Managers who diligently filled out the On-line Application and Seedings Request Forms.  The accuracy of our work is dependent on the input we receive.  If you did not fill out a form, our information is incomplete and is more likely to result in an error in seeding your team.


We spent a lot of time on this process, but could not satisfy all requests or desires.  The process is imprecise and many judgment calls are required to best balance the division pairings.  We try to reward teams which do well in a division.  We try to divide the teams in each age group into divisions of even numbers of teams in order to avoid having weekly "byes" and "make-ups" which complicate the schedule.  And where possible we take account of the travel distances between teams.


We have restricted nearly all first divisions to six teams. Teams need to justify placement into D1. Note that division sizes often change season to season.  As a result, some teams will be in a “higher” or “lower” numbered division than expected. When reviewing your seeding, please look to see WHO you are seeded with, not simply what division you are in.


We will make changes to the Seedings if a team can make a legitimate case.  The four items listed below are necessary to have a change request considered:


  1. The change request must be in writing, BY EMAIL, to EVERY member of the Seeding Committee, and Lee D’Argenio.  Our email addresses are listed below.
  2. The change request MUST INCLUDE the “other side of the trade.”  In other words, you must tell us the swap for your requested move, i.e. who should drop down (if you want to move up) or who should move up (if you want to drop down).  A request to move without a suggested trade does not offer us much information and will likely be rejected.  Do your homework and we’ll listen.
  3. The change you request must be compelling.  There must be a good reason to make the change.
  4. The change request must be RECEIVED by all of us by 4:00 PM on Wednesday July 29.  This gives you almost a full week to review and respond.


If any of these items are not included, we will likely NOT consider the change request.  Sorry if this seems harsh but we know from past experience that seedings change requests must be very specific.


We ask each Club President to circulate these Preliminary Seedings to all their coaches.  We will finalize the seedings by Thursday, July 30, after hearing from the Clubs and review by the committee.  Thereafter, Terry Benson, our League Scheduler, will work his magic to get out a Preliminary Schedule.


Thanks again for your diligent effort in the seeding process.



WYSL Seedings Committee:

Rich Corvino – rcorvino@manhattansc.org

Dominick DeRocco -- Refs@wyslsoccer.org


League Officials:  
Lee D'Argenio, Registrar – ldargenio@wyslsoccer.org