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New Club Approval Policies & Procedures

Sections 2 and 3 of Article II of the WYSL By‐Laws, As Revised

  • 2. The WYSL may admit clubs as members, including clubs from outside of Westchester County, in accordance with policies and procedures to be adopted by the Board of Directors, and posted on WYSL's website, provided that such clubs are in good standing with and not currently under suspension of, or currently have charges filed against them by, any organization affiliated with US Club Soccer or any other association affiliated with the USSF.

  • 3. Any organization seeking to become a member of the WYSL for the purpose of entering one or more teams to participate in scheduled League competition must submit an application to the League’s Board of Directors on a form prescribed by the League and shall provide all information reasonably requested by the League in support of its application. The application must be received by the Board of Directors on or before December 1, for the Spring Season and May 1 for the Fall Season (or at such other times as the Board of Directors may designate by a vote of 2/3 of the Board of Directors at a meeting at which a quorum is present). Each new club shall pay a one-time $500 deposit.


Requirements for All New Clubs

  1. Each new club must have three (3) or more teams.

  2. There is a $500 deposit required of every new club. Such deposit should be made probably upon notification of acceptance of the Club by the League.

  3. If accepted, each new club must set up an account with League Sports Services (LSS), WYSL’s registration system.

  4. Each club must have established, published Club By-Laws with a duly elected board, with a minimum of a four-member board of directors with contact information (including e-mails and phones) for each. The Board must contain the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  5. Each club must have the following responsibilities assigned to individuals: President, Registrar, Field Contact, Referee Coordinator and Scorekeeper. No one person can hold more than two of these positions at one time.

  6. If accepted to play in the WYSL, every new club must agree to abide by the requirements set forth in the WYSL’s By‐Laws and Rules and Regulations, including requirements applicable to existing clubs, as applicable.

  7. Except as otherwise required by the League’s Board of Directors:

    1. For every six teams of one age range (U8-11 or U12+), the club must provide one field with dimensions compliant with WYSL requirements for the full day for that age range.

    2.  Clubs with fewer teams should provide at least 50% more slots than are needed for their teams.

  8. These Requirements for All New Clubs are derived or excerpted from the Rules and Regulations of the WYSL and can be amended only by amending such Rules and Regulations.


New Member Policy

Membership in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (the “League”) is not automatic or of right. New clubs must meet the Requirements for All New Clubs and must apply in accordance with the requirements of the League’s By‐Laws and New Member Procedures. As a general rule, the League seeks to grow; however, the League recognizes that, under certain circumstances, the addition of a new club could adversely impact existing clubs in which case the needs of existing clubs need to be balanced against the desires of the new club in the interests of the League’s long term objectives. Potential new members in geographic areas already served by one or more existing clubs are encouraged to speak with the leadership of such club(s) to see if growth can be accommodated without, or with minimal, adverse impacts. The League, through the Membership Committee, can facilitate such interaction to find ways to accomplish this objective so as to mitigate such potential adverse impacts.

In considering conforming applications from qualified applicants, the Board of Directors (and the Membership Committee, in making its recommendation to the Board of Directors in accordance with the New Member Procedures) shall consider the principles and practical considerations determined to be relevant by the Board of Directors, among other factors, with the Board of Directors having the ultimate discretion for weighting of such principles, considerations and other factors, taking into account the dynamic and competitive environment in which the League finds itself, in making its final decision. To the extent that admission of an applicant is believed likely to result in significant adverse impacts on one or more existing clubs that cannot be mitigated, existing member clubs who believe they will be impacted will be invited to state their position to the Board and the Board shall then have the discretion to consider all possible alternatives including acceptance or rejection of the application in part or in whole.

New Member Procedures

  • Applications for new members should be made w/ enough lead time to allow thoughtful review. Accordingly, the League By‐laws, as amended, require that applications for new membership be submitted by specified deadlines to insure that the Board and its designee under these Procedures have adequate time for due and careful consideration of the application under the League’s New Member Policy.

  • Existing member clubs that would be impacted by a new member application shall receive prompt and adequate notice of the application and an opportunity to comment both before and when the application is submitted to the Board for consideration.

  • The Membership Committee of the Board of Directors shall implement various aspects of the New Member Policy and these Procedures. Specifically:

    • The Membership Committee shall create (or revise) a set of requirements, including a form, for new applications, which shall be posted on the League’s website. Among other things, new member applicants should be required to plan on meeting the League’s expectations of membership, including fields, structure, rules, etc. In areas of potential conflict with new members, prospective members will be advised to first contact existing members to see if an agreement to join or ally or otherwise affiliate themselves or cooperate with existing members can be reached.

    • The League office and/or the League officers or other persons who receive any new member application shall promptly forward such application to the members of the League’s Membership Committee.

    • The Membership Committee shall conduct a quick review of each new member application to determine if (a) the applicant meets the Requirements for All New Clubs, and (b) the application conforms to these New Member Procedures. If the application does not meet such requirements, the Membership Committee shall inform or arrange for the League office to inform the applicant of the deficiencies and shall, where appropriate, allow the applicant a short period of time to correct the deficiencies.

    • The Membership Committee shall consider whether the granting of a new application application may have potentially conflict with the interests of any existing WYSL club. The Membership Committee may request additional information from the applicant in order to consider such potential conflicts, including information concerning any attempts by the applicant to contact and try to come to some agreement with such existing club(s), and the applicant shall provide information reasonably requested by the Membership Committee.

    • Before the Membership Committee determines that the application is substantially complete, it shall promptly notify all current member clubs and seek their input. If the granting of the application presents a perceived conflict, the Membership Committee shall encourage and/or facilitate a meeting between the prospective applicant and affected clubs in furtherance of the New Member Policy.

    • After the Membership Committee has completed its work on the application as described above or has achieved what it was able to do under the circumstances, it shall prepare a recommendation to the Board of Directors with respect to the new member application. This recommendation could be to accept or reject or issue a neutral opinion on the application but it could also be to adopt another alternative which may or may not have been agreed by the prospective new member or the existing club members. Such recommendation shall be submitted no less than five (5) business days before the League meeting at which such recommendation is to be considered.

  • The Board shall then take up the application and consider the recommendation of the Membership Committee, the principles and practical considerations set forth in the New Member Policy, and such other factors as it deems appropriate, with the Board of Directors having the ultimate discretion for weighting of such principles and considerations and other factors in making its final decision.

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