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Coach Orientation

WYSL requires all coaches to take the coaching course to become certified (in addition to the background check, heads-up, Safesport and PCA course): the Grassroots licensing courses (two-part coaching courses for 7 V 7, 9 V 9 or 11 V 11 team coaches); and the Coach Orientation course (an informational webinar session of WYSL procedures and rules course).  These courses must only be taken once in your coaching career.  


New club presidents, registrars and team managers are encouraged, but not required, to attend. 


The course material is very valuable for the smooth functioning of clubs and teams within the WYSL  The webinar course will be conducted by Beau Morki, Director of Coaching, who will cover the following:  the league website, team/ player registration, player/ coaches passes, player transfer procedure, code of conduct, game check-in procedures, rain-outs, field pulls, make-up games, referees, red cards, protests and appeals, tournaments, and the overall coaching philosophy of the WYSL.


Please read WYSL Rules before attending class ( under"Registration/Rules".)


Click on the link below to register for one of the Orientation classes (approximately 90 minute) classes.  Deadline is 4 pm the day of the class.  

  • February 20 (Tuesday) 2024, 7 pm

  • February 25 (Sunday) 2024, 7 pm

  • February 27 (Tuesday) 2024, 7 pm

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