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WYSL is proud to offer coaching education opportunities from our nationally recognized coaching education leaders: The US Soccer Coaching License pathway and United Soccer Coaches Coaching Diplomas. The pathway you choose is ultimately a personal preference, based on your level of experience, the age groups you are currently coaching, and the age groups you plan to coach in the future. 

  • US Soccer Federation (USSF): Offers 4 Grassroots Licenses at 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 models. Each model is a 4 hour commitment, In-Person or Virtually/Blended. 

  • United Soccer Coaches (USC): Offers 3 Diploma Courses at the 4v4, 7v7-9v9 and 11v11 models. Each model is a 6 hour commitment. In-Person or Virtually/Blended. 



Both pathways service the U8 4v4 model, U9-U10 7v7 model, U11-U12 9v9 model, and U13+ 11v11 model, and will qualify towards your coaching requirements for the League. The WYSL prides itself on bringing the convenience of choosing which courses you prefer based on your schedule and availability. 



License Course Recommendations for Clubs and Coaches:


All coaches must begin at the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching License or meet the following waiver requirements:

U.S. Soccer Entry Points and Waiver Requirements




Coaches with little or no experience may begin their educational journey by beginning with the 4v4, 7v7/9v9 or 11v11 diplomas. Coaches with significant playing experience and/or coaching experience may begin with the National Diploma.


  • This course is designed for coaches with players ages 8 and under. The curriculum is packed with age-appropriate training activities around a 4v4 game structure.

  • Time Commitment: Up to 3 hours in person plus additional online course content

  • Testing: No

  • Prerequisites: None



  • This combined course for the next level of coaching is a nine hour in-person course focused on the 9-12 year old player. Content highlights player development, principles of play, technique, and tactics with small-sided games.

  • Time Commitment: Up to 6 hours in person plus additional online course content.

  • Testing: No

  • Prerequisites: None



  • Moving up the continuum of age levels to the 13 and above player, this Diploma is designed for an intermediate coach. It is focused on the 11v11 game with topics including the modern numbering system, formations and systems of play, player competencies and defensive and offensive tactics.

  • Time Commitment: Up to 6 hours in person plus additional online course content.

  • Testing: No

  • Prerequisites: None

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