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ADA Information & Important Links



  1. Publish to the Clubs, in association with Eastern New York Soccer Association, detailed information about New York State Public Health Law Section 3000-f, compliance requirements and referrals to approved organizations to assist with compliance.

  2. Prepare a Certification to be completed by each Club with registered teams in the WYSL. Said Certification will outline the Club’s AED Implementation Plan, specifically addressing the manner by which the Club will make available or provide reasonable access to an AED Device at each home field and use best efforts to have present at game scheduled on a home field, an adult who has received AED training within the last 24 months.  

  3. Communicate to Clubs the mandatory requirement for a Certification to be submitted to the WYSL by each Club on or before the effective date of New York State Public Health Law Section 3000-f, and thereafter bi-annually at least seven (7) days before the start of each soccer season.

  4. Collect and retain from each Club the completed Certification. 

  5. Implement a process for the cancellation or rescheduling of games when the WYSL is notified that a field is not in compliance. 

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