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USSF Club Technical Leader Level 1 Course



We have a special Leadership course for you from US Soccer. The USSF CTL 1 course. The Club Technical Leader Level 1 Course is for serious club directors who are focused on player development, club culture, coach development and more. I will be giving this course in a few months at Fordham University with a few Colleagues from the USSF. Would be great to have you. 


USSF CTL 1 Course Description:


Exciting new course has arrived. Club Technical Leadership Course Level 1. (Formerly the Director of Coaching Course). This is a Leadership course designed for club leaders who want to embark on a leadership pathway with US Soccer.  It is designed to help club technical leaders understand their role connected to their club’s mission, values, and principles and to begin the journey of developing their competencies as club technical leaders. Developing club culture, player pathways, coach development and much more. 


Course Schedule:


  • Pre-Course Meeting is July 21 at 8pm. 

  • In-Person Days: Aug 1 to Aug 4 at Fordham University, NY.

  • Virtual Meeting: Wednesdays 8pm, Aug 7 to October 9. (10 Weeks)


Basic Eligibility Requirements:

A and B License Club Directors or C license holders can be waived in with proven 10 years of experience. Please read full eligibility requirements before registering. 


Course Fee: $1,200 


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