New Coach & Manager Orientation Course(2hr)

Dear Coaching Candidate:

The WYSL offers a mandatory (free) 2 Hour Coach Orientation Course for all new coaches (assistants and heads) who wish to receive or keep their present WYSL coaching pass. This course explains rules and procedures particular to the WYSL League.  All new coaches must attend.  Fall coaches who do not take this course will have to relinquish their passes to their club registrars prior to the commencement of the spring season (i.e. April 12, 2015).  New coaches will not be carded.

Team managers are encouraged, but not required, to take this course (managers do not get passes.) New club presidents and registrars are also welcome.

You need only take this course once in your lifetime. You can only be a temporary coach once (temporary meaning allowed to coach without one or both courses), and only in the Fall for one fall season.

These courses will be conducted by WYSL Board Members who will cover the following:  team and player registration, player and coaches passes, transfer players, code of conduct, game procedures, rain-outs and field pulls, make-up games, referees, the WYSL Sportsmanship Program, Silent Sundays, Red Cards, Protests and Appeals, tournaments, permission to travel, the league website and more.

Please read WYSL Rules before attending class, www.wyslsoccer.org under "Registration/Procedures".  

Please click on the course link below and register for one of the classes. 

New Coach (& Manager) Orientation Course (2hr):


February 26 – Thursday

7:00 – 9:00 pm

CLAY Health Club + Spa

11 Riverdale Avenue

Port Chester, NY 10573


February 28 – Saturday

9:00 – 11:00 am

Heathcote Elementary School

26 Palmer Avenue
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Courses are only required for travel and rec coaches need only risk management

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